New Schedule, Greenway, and Expanded NFL Season

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The Big XII did a solid job with its new football schedule, with one major exception. I don’t like that the order of the schedule wont’ fluctuate from year to year.

Chad Greenway is one of the most beloved Hawkeyes of the Kirk Ferentz era. Greenway will be Iowa’s honorary captain on Saturday, which should bring good karma… the Hawks were 4-0 against Penn State during Greenway’s tenure at Iowa.

There should be a college football game involving BCS teams every Thursday during the season.

We’re more aware than ever about the toll playing football takes on the body. Hundreds of former NFL players struggle to function normally upon retirement. Many have others have died prematurely. And the NFL’s answer is to add two more games to the regular season? Unbelievable.


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  • Geoff Wood

    I agree that the schedules are pretty solid for the Big 12. As an Iowa State fan most of my frustrations with past schedules are relieved with the new arrangement.

    While it would be nice for the schedule to be more dynamic year-to-year so that Texas has the chance to play in Ames in November, I'll gladly trade that for having a standard “Rivalry Week” game. K-State is as good as anyone and I look forward to that rivalry growing.

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