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Bad Favre Good Favre, Stay Classy Bielema, SoundOFF

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  • Well, say this for Brett Favre, he’s never boring. The Monday Night Football game had it all. First, a 45 minute delay for lightning, which left several noticeably uncomfortable ESPN personalities even more time to discuss the NFL’s investigation into Favre’s cell phone habits. Then once play starts, Favre looks terrible for most of three quarters. Bad Favre. Before you can say, “he’s lost it”, Favre suddenly looks 30 again. He throws three gorgeous touchdown passes. Good Favre. Just when Vikings fans believe, pick 6. Bad Favre. The ol’ gunslinger did play in obvious pain, and it was great theater. Jets 29, Vikings 20.
  • The Vikings and Cowboys have two wins between them.
  • Crazy stat of the night: the Braves have played nine playoff elimination games at Turner Field in Atlanta, and they’ve lost all nine. Ouch.
  • Tim Lincecum vs Roy Halladay in game 1 of the NLCS? I’m in.
  • Bret Bielema’s going for 2 against Minnesota up 25 with 6 minutes to play showed little class. Tim Brewster will likely lose his job soon, but at least he stood up to Bielema for that low-rent move. The card said go for 2? Ignore the card, use your head.
  • Bielema knows midfield confrontations. This is the guy who as a Hawkeye player, told Iowa State head coach Jim Walden, “I’ve enjoyed kicking your a– the past five years”. Nice.
  • NBC’s Football Night in America show again pushed SoundOFF so late, many of you have asked where you can watch the show on whotv.com. You can’t see the show in its entirety each week, but will you find show staples like “I Think”, “What’s Bugging Andy?” and “FaceOFF” under the SoundOFF dropdown menu. Also, here’s a link to the new Hassel spoof: http://www.whotv.com/videobeta/4788973f-5be6-4128-ac67-dff7a5e4321c/Sports/SoundOff-Chris-IS-The-GEICO-Guy
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