Football… Fun… Yeah, right!

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!

Did you spend all day watching football on Saturday (and maybe Sunday, too…)? I am sad for the Cyclones, happy for the Hawks and just plain baffled by the Huskers. I plan on talking to my folks over my dinner break this evening. My mom left a message Sunday saying, “Well, we didn’t think the sun would come up today after that game…but it did!” It reminded me of a conversation I had with my them a few weeks ago. They were telling me about a little watering hole close to their house that is a self-proclaimed “Nebraska Sports Bar.” Mom and Dad have loved going there for the camaraderie and have enjoyed meeting new people. In response to me talking about some people who take their sports way to seriously – to the point of letting a bad game ruin their day, my folks said it’s just fun to have something to be passionate about.

There were a lot of passionate people at The Front Row on Saturday. We were there in our cycling gear and I quickly realized that it might be wise to zip up my jacket and cover up the giant red “N” on my shirt. It was a sea of black and gold and everyone was fired up for the game against Michigan. Since we started bike riding, this has become one of our favorite places. Clay – the owner, is a gem. The staff is friendly and fast. The patrons are laid back and fun. Best of all – no one gives a hoot if you are sweaty and disgusting when you stop in for a bicycling break! Be forewarned though, if you stop in on Saturday or Sunday before 1pm you are likely to end up in a food coma. You’ll find omelettes, biscuits & gravy, and french toast. We’ve also heard rave reviews about steak night (on Mondays, I think?) but we’ve yet to stop in for that. Oh yeah, there’s also the Silver Strike bowling game near the front door… love it! It’s what kept us there hours longer than planned.

Yeah, right!

While I was working up a sweat playing Silver Strike, several people I know were running their tails off in the Des Moines Marathon. I so admire Sonya, Lynn, and Kelly. Today at work they were all talking about their times, how they felt during the race, etc. Sonya and Lynn did the half marathon, Kelly did the full. “The first six miles are always the worst,” Lynn said. “I didn’t think I was going to finish – I was dead at mile eleven,” Sonya added. “The one part was pretty hilly but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!” exclaimed perennially perky Kelly. I was sitting at my desk thinking, “I am such a loser.” Seriously. I am pretty sure I couldn’t even run a 5k. I hate running. About once a month I will pretend that I’m really going to try to become a runner. It only takes about five minutes at Gray’s Lake or on the treadmill for that silly notion to pass right out of my brain. I will see people bounding along like gazelles and I feel like a hippo tromp, tromp, tromping along. They make it look effortless while I am wheezing and red-faced and in pain. It is just not my thing. Congrats to everyone who took part in Sunday’s race. I think you are amazing!!!

Speaking of wheezing and being red in the face…tune in Tuesday at five for “Workout of the Week.” We’re featuring a popular program and doing the most difficult session offered.

And maybe this week’s “13 Cares” will inspire you to sign up for Race for the Cure … don’t miss “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Breast Cancer” Wednesday at six.Have a great week!

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