MLB vs NFL, Iowa vs Wisconsin, Bud Light vs Wheat

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  • The TV ratings aren’t out yet, but for one night, it feels like MLB finally beat the NFL head-to-head. Cliff Lee made the Yankees look silly as the Rangers spanked the Yanks, 8-0. Meantime, Monday Night Football was a complete no-interest dog with the Titans whipping the Jaguars. The NFL is king, but if baseball didn’t win this night, it never will.
  • The Big Ten names Ricky Stanzi offensive player of the week. Stanzi earned it at Michigan, but the award could have just as easily gone to Iowa’s Adam Robinson or Derrell Johnson-Koulianos.
  • The road to the Rose Bowl now goes through Kinnick Stadium. I’ll try not to write that, or say it, too often the next few weeks, but it’s true. The Big Ten’s remaining big games are all in Iowa City. First up, Wisconsin. The Badgers all but ruined Ohio State’s season Saturday night. Most Buckeye fans are in the mindset of title game or bust. Ohio State now needs others to lose just to win another Big Ten title. It’s five straight and counting. How spoiled is that.
  • I don’t see any way the Cyclones can’t be dealing with shaken confidence right now. Iowa State has given up 158 points in three weeks, and the past seven quarters the Cyclones haven’t been competitive. They’ve been blown away on both sides of the ball. And now… Texas.
  • I get why Iowa State said no to Fox College Sports for the Kansas game. First of all, next to no one gets FCS. Secondly, the network would pay ISU 0 dollars. Thirdly, it’s late October, a night game, or even a morning kick would draw a smaller crowd. ISU needs the fans, and the money. There was no exposure to be had anyway.
  • I’ve never seen two strong Heisman candidates benched the same say. Nebraska’s Bo Pelini made a terrible decision to sit Taylor Martinez—wasn’t Martinez’s fault receivers wore oven mitts—and now his confidence in big games is sure to be shaky. Michigan’s Rich Rod can say Denard Robinson was hurt, but it was clear the coach wanted to stay with Tate Forcier—and with reason. If Robinson stayed in, Iowa wins by 20.
  • Good to see the UNI Panther basketball team again Monday. I still can’t believe the Cats took down #1 Kansas in the NCAA tournament, but that was glorious.
  • I’m watching the Blind Side again. I know I’m being manipulated, the movie plays more like an After School Special on second viewing, but it’s still highly entertaining.
  • How weird is the commercial of the Bud Light bottle making out with the shock of wheat?!
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