Two Weeks, Busy Weekend and Stale Coffee

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Good Morning…

I went downstairs in a fog to turn the coffeemaker on this morning. It had already been a long night. JT has a bit of a cold and so he was up much of the night. We’re out of practice from last winter so we forgot to suck all the snot out of his melon before he went to bed.
That meant we had to do it about 12:30am, and that meant he was up for a while.
Frankly I would be too if someone stuck one of those bulb things up my nose.
So anyway I was a little sleepy.
I totally forgot I’d left Sunday morning’s coffee in the pot until the brew cycle was about halfway through. So I pounded two cups of coffee , hoping the pot wouldn’t overflow. Happy Monday Morning!

Two Weeks Out
-So will Michelle Obama make a difference on the campaign trail for Democrats? I doubt it. This has nothing to do with The First Lady and as much as I think people really do like her, I think voters will express their discontent despite the charm offensive from Dems.
-The Negative ads in the 3rd District Race here in Iowa are a turn off.
-The CR Gazette endorses Gov Branstad. Here’s the part I hope he pays attention to:
Branstad is not a perfect choice, by any means. We urge him to reconsider his desire to take civil rights away from gay and lesbian Iowans, and to take a stand against the political assault on Iowa’s courts.

The issue is not same sex marriage. It’s the independence of our courts. The Courts can’t (and did not) overturn “the will of the people” as is so often said.

The courts interpreted the Constitution and they did it unanimously. If judges think they are going to be thrown out of their jobs based on a small group’s ideology, then we’ve lost the thing that makes the US Court system great…it’s Independence. The Courts MUST be a check on the Legislative and Executive branch.

And by the way if you believe the Judges should be ousted…and you believe this Pastor in Sioux City has it right asking the IRS to challenge his Not for profit status in court…you might want to rethink one of the two positions. They are contradictory.

The IRS code, is the will of the people. We’ve made it law that the organizations we give special tax protections to (like churches) can’t be political organizations. Under the logic used by the group asking voters to remove Iowa’s Supreme Court Justices, the Pastor is asking judges to “legislate from the bench”.

Now I actually don’t think that’s true. The Pastor, in my opinion, is welcome to challenge the law and we should abide by the court’s decision. Just like we should in the case of the ruling that struck down Iowa’s definition of marriage.

Busy Weekend
Saturday was a hectic day but I had a lot of fun.
I started out playing golf with a group of guys who “won” me in an auction. The Science Center’s fundraiser auctioned off a round of golf with me, and a round with John Bachman. I played with the winning bidder and a couple of his friends this weekend.

Jeff Barnhardt, his Friends Mike and Stu were great to hang out with for the morning. They also have the distinction of being my witnesses to a first on the golf course for me.
We were playing at Tournament Club of Iowa and I hit the shot of my life on #14. The card says it’s 301 yards, Par four.
I have been trying to drive that green since TCI opened, and this time I got it. The ball bounced once and landed about ten feet from the cup. I should have taken more time with the eagle putt cause I blew it by by about five feet. But I made the comebacker for birdie. Great round, great guys. I hope I get the chance to play a round with them again!
We had a great lunch to end the morning with Jeff’s wife Melissa (who I think actually did the bidding at the auction) and their daughter Shae. It was great to meet them all. BTW Jeff shot the best round.
Saturday Night I had the honor of being the Emcee at the Living History Farms Farmstasia. It was a fun party with a committed group of supporters. The event reminded me a lot of where the Science Center’s Auction was about ten years ago. It was smaller (at the old SCI), but it grew quickly as the young families who used the Science Center came out to support the organization and make it a fun annual party. I hope for the same at Farmstasia as the event grows. LHF is certainly a worthy organization to support.
Why I am an Idiot
Sunday morning we tried to go to the store but found ourselves pinned in the driveway by more than seven thousand runners! There weren’t any signs telling me that the Marathon was going to go by my front door (I’d only been telling people about the street closures ALL WEEK!!!!); but there they all were!
So we waited a bit to go grocery shopping and instead brought the boys out to cheer on the runners. Maybe next year we’ll plan ahead and have a brunch Marathon Morning.
Congrats to all the runners!
I hope you

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  • titleist755

    since no one else is going to comment on the Courts statement, I will….(you asked if I read the blog so it's your fault I'm here today Pat) You are correct in so much as to say the issue is not same sex marriage… it is the independence of the courts to be separate from the legislative branch. They make law, not the courts. The court in this case DID make law. The judges should be ousted because they imposed their own ideology on the people of the state of Iowa. Courts give opinion, they do not make law. The issue needs to be brought up in the legislature, which is all anyone contends, and needs an up or down vote. (regardless of the subject) The fact this is about gay marriage is the only reason anyone has their pants in a bunch!! Furthermore, the governor of the state needs to grow a pair and put a stay to the unlawful action of a few “justices” until the legislature can vote on another bill to determine what the people want. I can go on, but hopefully you get my point. All the justices need to do is issue opinion on the current law and send it back to the legislature if it is not right. This is not a difficult concept and it is getting blown way out of proportion by the political class that is trying to advance an agenda. I, for one, am going to do everything I can to put a stop to that.

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