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High Wind Storm…Worst Since Nov. 1998

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We are facing one of the most intense storms over the last 12 years. This storm is similar to the wind storm that sunk the Edmond Fitzgerald in 1975.

A HIGH WIND WARNING has been issued for much of the state. The warning will start at 7 AM tomorrow and run through tomorrow night.

We are going to see wind gusts of 55 to 60 mph. The WNW wind will be steady…around 25 to 35 mph through the afternoon.

The monster low pressure will drop like a bomb over the Midwest tomorrow afternoon. This type of low pressure drop created extreme damage 12 years ago.

During that November storm in 1998… we had major damage from the 12 to 18 hours of sustained wind of 35 to 50 mph. In northeast Iowa…natural gas lines were broken because the buildings in that area actually moved under the stress of the wind. The pipes were ruptured as the buildings actually shifted.

There was wide-spread damage in the upper Midwest. Here is a pdf link to that November storm in 1998: http://www.eas.slu.edu/CIPS/ANALOG/11NOV1998.pdf

Be prepared for this strong storm system.