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Turn out the lights, the party is over

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  • The Cowboys are done. Can’t believe they have just one win. Has there ever been a more overrated team going into the season?
  • Who is the NFC’s best team? It’s wide open with mediocrity right now.
  • It’s hard to take one’s eyes off Brett Favre right now—it’s a tragicomedy with occasional glimpses of glory. Favre looked 51, not 41, while limping off the field Sunday night. With two fractures in his ankle, who knows when/if we’ll see him again, but I hope we do. Love him, hate him, it’s always a great show.
  • How ’bout Iowa State’s Jake Lattimer. In his first career start, he’s the Big 12 defensive player of the week. Where can he go from here…
  • Lost in Saturday’s clock mismanagement debate is another terrific outing by Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi. He’s actually underrated this season, which almost doesn’t seem possible.
  • Former Iowa quarterback Paul Burmeister of the NFL Network is a straight shooter, and Monday he told me Hawkeye fans could not have a better coach in Kirk Ferentz, and that Ferentz is a 10 out of a possible 10. Paul says Iowa could not have a better coach, and fans need to remember that—especially after tough losses.
  • I think the Rangers will win the World Series.
  • KXnO’s new morning team should prove entertaining. Travis Justice will tell you exactly how he feels about anything, and Tim Fisher is a pro looking for the right show; this could be it. It always comes down to chemistry, but I’ll be rooting for TNT.
  • I’m watching HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and for a few seconds, it suddenly went porno on me. Wow.