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What a week!

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!

Let me apologize in advance for the many typos that might appear in this post. My entire body hurts … even my hands! Sonya and I had a workout shoot yesterday that was unlike anything we’ve attempted so far. We played hockey. I’ve never been ice skating so I knew it would be challenging – it was also a blast. Here are a few nuggets of information about the adult novice league from organizer Joe Bafia:

Currently we have approx 24 skaters
9 are women
Ages range from 16-50
Most are skating for the first time as adults.

We skate Sundays at 2:30 PM – 4 PM at Bucs Arena. If you’d like to see it first, feel free to come out and watch a session. Some pick up the skating faster than others, but in the end it is a very beginning group. There is a lot of equipment to put on which allows you to fall with “minimal” pain. I started this program several years ago since there was no way for true beginner adults to start playing this sport and my wife wanted to play. We have had groups as big as 50 people. Some of the players that get more comfortable will move up into a competitive recreational league, but many like the casual play of the novice league and remain there.

We typically do 40 minutes of drills which include skating, passing & shooting. This is strictly to develop skills and not an actual game of hockey. The last 40 minutes is the “controlled” scrimmage. We play an actual game, but may stop the game at anytime to give instruction, pointers, etc. Our league is non-contact (which means you cannot check or hit another player like you see at Bucs games or on NHL games). HOWEVER, with beginners, there are occasions where players cannot stop and they bump into each other…but nothing malicious.

We had a great time with this group and it was a fantastic workout. More details when we air this as our “Workout of the Week.” Tune in Tuesdays at five or watch online. Tomorrow’s segment is about working out with your dog and it stars Sonya’s babies, Remi and Spot! Trainer Angie Gallagher puts us through the paces with a fun routine for you and your four-legged friends. By the way, Angie is starting another 8 week session at Fit 4 Life if you want to work out with her. http://www.fitnesswithangie.com.

A few more programming notes … all this week our reporters will be bringing you profiles on the candidates for Governor, the 3rd Congressional District and the US Senate. Thursday at 10 Dan Winters brings us a story on how much money the Department of Defense spends in Iowa, and on what … you’ll find it very interesting.

I’m out of steam and needing to pop some more ibuprofen…
Have a great week!

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