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Graphic Pictures, Bad Book and Jackwagon

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Good Morning.
We’ve starting finding topics to put on our Facebook page each morning. They’re stories we think you might have an opinion on…the talkers of the morning.
We know a lot of you are watching us while you’re logged on to your computer so interaction is more possible then ever. I hope you’ll let us know what you’re thinking.

The words and the actions of a Des Moines Landlord don’t add up. He says he is committed to making sure all of his properties are clean safe places to live. He has had considerable time to make sure that’s the case. The City said last night it wasn’t going to give him any more time. Now he has thousands of dollars in fines to pay and the City is going to take legal action against 14 of his properties. Now I don’t own rental property so I have no idea how hard it is to maintain But if you had the money to buy the 10-14th properties…didn’t you have the money to make sure properties 1-10 were clean and safe.

Graphic Pictures
The FDA is recommending new warnings for cigarette packaging. The pictures would be graphic reminders of the potential consequences of smoking. Are they too much? We have a string of comments going on our Facebook page already
AP Poll 2012
So Sarah Palin is the mist polarizing potential candidate for the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination. In other News…the sky is blue and the sun will rise.
The results of the new AP/GFK poll are unsurprising. I don’t think Palin will end up as the nominee in 2012. She’s got to come to Iowa and get into some living rooms if she’s going to win here and he latest trip to Des Moines didn’t indicate that would be her style. She could change, but I suspect we either haven’t seen the 2012 nominee yet. If we have, I think the President wins another term in office in a walk. If a candidate doesn’t emerge with a clear and inspiring vision for the country that contrasts with the President’s, I think the GOP will have a hard time in 2012. I have no doubt all of the potential candidates want to be President but you get the feeling that son;y because they want a promotion, or because they want to win. neither of those reasons seem to be good enough for voters these days. A clearly articulated vision of the future (see Obama:Hope and Change, or Tea Party:Limited spending/Smaller Govt) has worked in recent elections and I suspect that’s what will win in two years.

Of course it’s possible none of this will matter because world events may shape a new political climate in two years. That’s why polls like this aren’t exactly worth the paper they’re printed on.

Bad Book
So it looks like Amazon.com pulled the self published book from a guy that laid out etiquette for Pedophiles. You read that right. I don’t even know where to start…words don’t cover the distaste I have for writing those kinds of ideas down anywhere.
Amazon initially said it would continue to sell the book as a Kindle download. The company said it would be censorship to restrict the sale of the book just because someone didn’t agree with the ideas. I see the broad point being made and I’m all for free speech. brad, however made a good point. Amazon doesn’t have to sell the book. that’s exercising the right of free speech too. this guy wasn’t restricted in any way. He could start up a website and sell his self published book if he wanted to. Businesses have a choice to make and the marketplace can sort out demand after they make the choice.
As I said it looks like they pulled the book. Agree/disagree?

I think this year it should be in particular focus what our Veterans do for us. thousands of families right here in Iowa are sacrificing a great deal this next year. Beyond that so many of our aging Veterans won’t be around forever. If you know them…if you talk to them, they have amazing stories about their service. I hope you will say thank you and ask them to share.

So I was out at the Mall last night picking up some things from Costco. This, of course, is not the easiest task to accomplish because of my toddler co-pilots. They’re fun to have along most of the time but they slow ya down, and if they don’t get their dinner on time..they’ll be filing very LOUD complaints with the management.
So we got out to Costco but it just took a few minutes longer than I thought it would…always does.
I needed to get one more thing at Williams Sonoma…and we’d actually pre-ordered it. However, the idea of getting the boys out of the car, into a stroller then into the store for a two minute errand and then getting them back out to the car where getting them back in their car seats would make Wrestlemania look like a square dance; didn’t appeal to me.
So, I called the store and asked if someone would run the thing out to the curb for me.
I know I know…it’s the selfish. Why am I so special? I’m not the only parent dealing with a couple kids while running my errands. But, for my own sanity I thought I would ask.
The woman said she’d do it…and it all worked out. I still felt like a pretty big Jackwagon when I drove away.

I’ll try to do something nice and unexpected for someone else today to pay that kindness forward. Hope you all have a good day.


  • Anthill_Goddess

    I don't personally own properties, but my inlaws do, and we help with the up-keep and such with them. What astounds me is that this guy has somewhere around 40-60 properties!!! They've given him since June or July to get stuff done…ANYTHING to show he's trying…and he's done nothing. I'm glad they told him he didn't get another extension. Time for him to sell-off some to pay for the others since he can't seem to keep up.

    I've commented plenty on the “graphic photos” questions…all it does is get my dander up to even discuss it anymore.

    The man you should be looking at for a possible nod on the conservative side of presidential politics is Lt. Col. Allen West. Amazing man (imho) who's starting to get a lot of buzz.

    (Skipping the “bad book”…I literally gagged)

    I appreciate all the veterans and have a grumble for you about the different food chains that do something special (like free meals, etc) for Veteran's Day. It's only for “active or retired” military. However, the greatest majority of non-active military didn't retire. They were simply honorably discharged and went on with their lives. It's leaving a majority of our Veterans out of a celebration that's supposed to be honoring THEM, too.

    I don't think you acted like a jackwagon. There are many days I'd give about anything to NOT have to drag the kids in and out of the car for something that would take just a few seconds!

  • titleist755

    OK, the whole cigarette pack thingy is a little out of hand Pat. The FDA is going WAY to far with this deal. Proof positive that the nanny state is in your life should be no clearer to that it is now! NO ONE THINKS SMOKING IS A GOOD IDEA. I don't need the FDA to put graphic reminders on packs of cigarettes. If these people were serious about cigarettes killing people, then they should be illegal……right? The Government's job is to protect LIFE, liberty, and property……right? I am not a smoker, but seriously folks….this is silly! More government regulation into the private sector for no reason other than to make villains out of an entire industry. They have done it before, and they will do it again. Hopefully, it will be clear to more folks that it is government with the problem, not cigarettes…..

  • dec1958

    I'm afaid I think you are a Jackwagon.
    When my kids where young my husband took our only car to work so for me to get to doctor appt's or the grocery store I had to walk to the bus with me holing my toddlers hand,the fold up stoller over the other arm that was holding the baby.Oh, let's not forget the backpack for holding groceries, bottles and diapers. You are accually going to complain about getting the kids out of a car and into a grocery cart. Please!!!

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