White Magic Wins, Arnaud Really Done, iTunes Adds Who?

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  • That’s one win for Fran “White Magic” McCaffery. The Hawkeyes still look like they’re trying too hard, and there are going to be some rough, ugly nights, but at least McCaffery gets after it, and so do his players.
  • Why don’t more people support Iowa women’s basketball? Lisa Bluder has the team in the tourney and competing for Big Ten titles, but compared to Iowa State, it’s apathy in Hawkeye country. Why?
  • Nice to see several of the Hawkeye football players admitting to Chris Hassel that they too are disappointed with not meeting their expectations this season. Many teams would love to have Iowa’s current season, but Iowa is not one of them.
  • Worst fears realized for Cyclone quarterback Austen Arnaud, torn ACL&MCL in his left knee. Paul Rhoads says Austen will have surgery after Thanksgiving. The Senior should expect a huge ovation Saturday on Senior Night—well, as much┬ánoise as the crowd can make. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if attendance reaches 40,000.
  • iTunes exciting, game-changing announcement is adding the Beatles?! Is there anyone out there who wants these songs who doesn’t already have them? Well, at least Paul McCartney can finally make some money.
  • My wife and I just bought new luggage. It’s exciting to think where it might go. I just hope it does.