Today Show Video, Flash Mob

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Saturday Slumbering: It’s a fun, lazy day at home with the in-laws. Plenty of turkey leftovers! Mizzou and Kansas are on the tv. But it’s the afternoon to which I look forward most. Two good friends, Lavell and Charlotte, met at our wedding 3 years ago. Today, they get married. It’s the union of my two worlds. Lavell and I went to high school together in Belleville, Illinois. I met Charlotte as a fellow reporter in Iowa. Now, they are getting married! All the best to you both.

There are two videos I have seen posted that are really cool. Have you seen either one? The Today Show made the first one. It’s hard to imagine they did it in one take. The amount of rehearsing for this must be amazing. Check it out:

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And how would you react is you saw this “impromptu” chorus breaking out in song at the mall?