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Economy Improving, Cowans Perform Again

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Getting Better: Here’s another story that seems to offer some numbers that our lives should be getting better. The Iowa Business Council predicts more spending and more hiring in the 4th quarter. So, when are we going to start feeling that the economy IS improving and the doom and gloom will start to lift? Most people I know don’t seem to be overflowing with optimism these days.

Feeling Lazy Now: Marlow and Frances Cowan of Ankeny, Iowa, on paper should we wayyyy too old to be doing what they do. The Iowa couple, married more than 60 years, is already one of the (if not THE) most popular internet sensation in this state. The Cowans performed today at the Gateway Center Hotel to show off their never-ending talents and bring some smiles. Here’s part of their performance.


They also have 7 million+ hits on YouTube from a previous performance. 7 million! Here’s their classic show at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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