Fire, Megan’s Back and Brooke’s Gone

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Good Morning!
Brooke was off the set this morning because she had a later than normal night. She had a walk-on role in Mary Poppins at the Civic Center! How fun does that sound. I have to admit I would have been really nervous if I were Brooke. I mean they weren’t asking her to sing the lead in the show or anything but still…you can make a pretty big fool of yourself. I’m sure Brooke did great. Anyone out there see her? We got offered tickets late to the show but couldn’t go because we already had plans.

I’ll combine our Breaking News this morning with Megan’s return.
I can’t tell you how nice it is to have her back in the newsroom. We don’t have a huge team here in the morning to begin with so when someone is gone it really makes a difference. I am glad Megan had the time for her family but we sure missed her.

Megan and our photojournalist Trent hustled this morning to get out to a house fire in Delaware Township. The house was a total loss but the family living there got out OK.
VERY scary. I’m thinking we should do a little drill at my house to make sure we know our jobs in case of an emergency. I was so used to our old house that I didn’t really worry about what to do in case of a fire. Maybe it’s having the kids, maybe it’s just the nature of living in a new place…I am more worried about it now than I was three or four months ago.

How bad is it when you own sister tells the public we’d all be better if you were dead? Not to make light of it, but we get people walking away from this work release station all the time. It’s a risk of this kind of program, but I think the vast majority serve out their time quietly.

I’m not sure how any leader in State government can justify four raises unless than two years (no matter how small) right now. I don’t care what party you represent, it just seems like it’s not the right time. State revenues are going up, yes, but that only gets us back to where we were.
On a side note, if you get voted out of office, you shouldn’t have to sit on your hands during the transition, but you should probably respect the fact that the voters didn’t want you making anymore long term decisions.
This feels like a decision that both ties the hands of the people who come after you, and ignores the results of the election. For some people, that’s going to make it seem like Gov Culver is trying to set a few bridges on fire as he leaves the State Capitol building.

I hope you all have a good day.


  • Snoopy

    How cool is that…Brooke in Mary Poppins! Wish I could see that! I am sure she did WONDERFULLY!!!

    Sad news about the fire but I am glad to hear that they all got out safe. Have you all heard anything about donations for them? I'm certainly not in the position to do alot but would sure like to help out in any way I can. (even if it is just a little something for the children)
    I always worry about this happening and even though we have lived her for close to 17 years we still practice fire drills on a regular basis. It is good to refresh your memory…

    The thought of this guy running around town whose own sister says he should be considered armed and dangerous scares me!! I wonder how he got to this point in his jail time that they felt he was “safe” to be on work release if his own family says he is dangerous?

    I don't think anyone in the Gov't can justify ANY kind of raise right now. My husband being out of work for over a year really opened my eyes to a whole lot of things that I used to just ignore. Luckily my husband found a job, but we still just barely make it….point being we DO manage…so how these Gov't people think they need more money when they already make a ton more than we do is beyond me!!!
    The transition time always confused me, they shouldn't have to sit on their hands and do nothing but again making huge changes when you know you aren't going to be there to make sure they go as planned just sort of seems like a waste of time and money to me!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day and WELCOME back Megan!!!

  • C-Marshalltown

    FRIDAY – since this hasn't been updated yet for Friday I will say in this blog “I LOVED TODAYS FRIDAY HAPPY DANCE”. I was in the kitchen when my husband yelled to look at the TV. There were the Dix boys dancing away. The boys were having so much fun. Just can't get over how much they've grown.
    Have a great weekend every one.

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