Clinton and Obama, Huckabee’s New House

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Behold, Bubba: I just happened to be flipping through the channels Friday when I saw quite a sight: President Barack Obama standing next to former President Bill Clinton in the White House briefing room. The current prez got the former prez to talk about that tax cut compromise that some Dems have been so ticked off about. Obama gave a few remarks and then said Clinton would talk a few minutes. Yeah, right. Clinton talked and talked and talked. He sure seemed to love talking back and forth with the national reporters. He talked so long, Obama excused himself and left. Will this do any good? Will Clinton’s support ease concerns of Dems and convince them to back the deal? Dems don’t like the big tax breaks for the rich, both in income and estate taxes. Clinton’s point was that, if you look at the entire compromise package, it’s as good as it can get. We should know soon if he changed any minds on this.

Huck’s Hut: Mike Huckabee changed his residency to Florida. Now, he bought a nearly $3 million pad near Desdin. That’s a long way from Little Rock. But what does it all mean? Huck is now making some good money giving speeches, doing radio commentary and working for Fox news. Florida doesn’t have state income taxes. So moving there could save him some money. Does it mean he doesn’t want to run for president and he’s thinking of his financial future instead? On the other hand, Florida is one of those big, “purple” states that gets and gives a lot of attention to the presidential candidates. Hmmm….
Snowy Saturday: The snow has been falling in Des Moines this Saturday morning. It’s our first of the year. I guess it had to happen sometime. Now, if, somehow, the below zero temps could stay away this weekend. Doubt it will happen.
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