Rumor Mill, Those Activist Judges and Snowblowing

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Good Morning!
Lots to talk about this morning….It’s been a while so a little of this will be catching up.

Rumor Mill
I won’t pretend to know anything about what’s going on in Iowa, but from an outsider it starts to appear where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There’s a 10AM news conference this morning. I am interested to hear why both the Head Football coach and Athletic Director need to be part of this.

Those Activist Judges
A Federal Judge in Virginia declared part of the Federal Healthcare Law unconstitutional. I’m waiting for the outcry.
Let me see, a Judge or Judges rules that part of a law passed by a group of lawmakers is unconstitutional.
I think I remember some Iowans who were pretty upset over “A judge circumventing the will of the people and overturning a law passed by the elected Representatives of the people!”
I highly doubt anyone upset over the Iowa Marriage decision would be upset over this ruling.
Before you shoot off emails telling me that these are two different issues…I agree..they are. My point is, the people who were so upset about “one unelected official, who’s accountable to no-one, overturning decisions make by elected officials accountable to their constituents” can’t just pick and choose where to make that argument.
In that way, this case is the same.

I asked on Facebook today…how early is too early to use a snowblower. There were a few people who told me I could fire the thing up at 2:30 when I’m getting ready to leave.
I don’t think I could do that to my neighbors. What do you think.

iPhone or Droid
I’m torn up. My contract is up with a certain large nationwide wireless carrier in January. When it’s done I could choose to go with another carrier that’s got exclusive rights to the iPhone. I could also wait for my carrier to get it’s version of the iPhone. I am reading there will be a version out by late January at the earliest and March at the latest.
Make an argument for what you think the best decision would be.

Cards and Letters
Christmas cards are showing up at our house and we’re posting them on our Kitchen wall. It’s so great to see how families grow, How your old friends are doing…even getting a quick Merry Christmas is great. We’ve had a debate for a while in our house about the Christmas letter. Should you write a personal note to each person you send a Christmas card to? Is a form letter enough? What do you think.

The boiler guy is coming, we hope, to fix the problems we’ve had heating our house evenly. It’s gonna be cold in my house today until he’s done. Wish me luck.
Have a good one


  • Kodi

    Got tired of waiting for the iPhone on probably the same network. Went with the Motorola Droid X last week and am extremely happy. This is from a self-proclaimed “Mac-geek.” Not going to sacrifice the phone part for the iPart. And not going to wait any longer. Very happy with the Droid.

  • titleist755

    Your just tryin to get me fired up aren't ya Pat? “Those Activist Judges”…….I'm not gonna bite this time….Renae, there is hypocrisy on both sides of the isle…it's not only on the right!!

    Pat, the droid has surpassed the Iphone in sales I believe and they don't require you to get locked into a single carrier….my wife has a droid and loves it!! Talk to her about it if ya like~! And good luck with the boiler guy~!

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