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In Like Flynn, Giants Choke, Moose Drool

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  • I gave the Packers absolutely no chance to win at New England, but the Pack nearly did. Back-up QB Matt Flynn played with poise—until the two minute drill. Then he was a mess. Still, props to Green Bay for an entertaining game. 
  • Did you see the Patriots Dan Connolly nearly run a kick back for a touchdown?! That was the longest return by an offensive lineman in NFL history. Runaway 313-pound bowling ball.
  •  Sports talk radio in New York will have one topic for a week: the Giants choking.
  • What’s with Chris Berman’s voice these days. He changes octaves like Jay Leno.
  • SoundOff callers can’t get past the bitter disappointment of the Hawkeye football season and the arrest of DJK. It keeps coming up again and again. And again.
  • It takes a smart man to admit when he’s made a mistake. Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany sounds like he’ll reboot the division names, rather than allow more mocking of Legends and Leaders.
  • Why should Royals fans care?
  • Chris Hassel is headed to TCF Bank Stadium to watch his Bears take on the Vikings. Hassel is the all-time cold weather wimp, so I can’t imagine how he’ll survive the first quarter. Can’t wait to hear him whine. It should be entertaining.
  • I went to Mullets for the first time. Place was overrun with cyclists, but they were nice, and the food and drinks were solid. I drank something called Moose Drool. It was better than it sounds. I didn’t see the picture of Dalton from the Double Deuce in Mullets, but I know it must be in there.
  • Saturday night I watched the Iowa at Drake basketball game. That was U-G-L-Y. At least it was close.
  • The Fighter is gritty, and great. Like an R-rated Rocky. It may set a movie record for the F-bomb, and it seems so real, in and out of the ring, you feel like you’re watching a documentary. Christian Bale is phenomenal.


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