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Standoff, DADT, and Judges Lawsuit

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Good Morning…
We begin our Holiday week with a little breaking news and plenty of controversy to end the year.
I got tweaked again for calling the Girls…Girls.
A woman called Friday to say she didn’t want me to call Brooke and Jeriann “girls”. She said she used to work as a nurse. She said when she was still working, the Nurses struggled to get the Docs to call them “Ladies”…and not “Girls”. I’ve posted these thoughts before but here’s my take.
I have more than a professional relationship with Brooke and Jeriann. They are my friends and my colleagues. Just like a woman might say she is going to dinner with “the girls” when referring to her friends, I would say the same about my friends here.
More to the point, wasn’t the Nurse’s request intended to change of behavior, not words? If I behave with respect toward you isn’t that the desired outcome…actual equality?
Sometimes I feel like we get caught up in debates like this and it overshadows actual issues of equality. At one time, these types of embedded culture were very important to debate. Those debated helped change culture. We’d all look sideways at someone in an office setting if they called a female colleague “sweetie”.
There is certainly still discrimination of all kids in the workplace, but if you ask younger workers, I think they’d tell you we enter the workplace on a largely equal footing. In saying this I’m intending no disrespect to the women who forwarded important issues and fought cultural stereotypes in the American workplace. The good news is their efforts are bearing fruit now.

To the News:
Thanks to Roger Riley and Megan Reuther for putting together this overnight news. It looks like a domestic situation got out of control. A lot of us talk about Holiday stress…and it may be for us . There are a lot of people who have even more serious trouble with the Holidays and depression or stress. I’m not aware that was the situation here but it’s a reminder of that possibility.


This was a misguided law to begin with. It’s long past time for it to be repealed. Now here’s my question. A LOT of people are in favor of letting openly gay men and women serve in the Military. If they’re willing to die for their country, the thinking goes, they should be able to do that.
So why is it OK for these Men and Women to die for our freedom, yet it’s not OK for them to enjoy the same freedoms and rights the rest of us do?
Much like the issue of equality in the workplace this issue of the rights of gay men and women will become a non-issue as the years go by. Younger people don’t care. They realize that now law, is going to change the facts. These people are gay. Ignoring that is not going to make them go away.

Judge’s Lawsuit
This feels a little bit like sour grapes. If the law wasn’t followed I guess they should vote again, but do we really think the outcome is going to be different? I would guess even more people would be mad about having to vote again.

Worst of the Best
I love Christmas music and agree with a lot of people…it’s hard to dislike any of it. That said, there are a lot of…less than desirable versions of Christmas songs. So do you have a “best of the worst”?

Hope your Holiday week is beginning well.


  • heartmanmark

    I wouldn't worry too much about being politically correct. If that were the case your network would acknowledge Christmas by it's true name. The only message I have seen saying “merry Christmas” is the one from Keith and Andy…ironic.

  • James

    Ah Pat…your comments on gay marriage always intrigue me. If gay marriage was really about “equality” as you say, it would have passed years ago. The fact is it’s not. The problem is that you and everyone else on board with the equality stance fail to see the ultimate dilemma – that no matter what you do (allow gay marriage) someone is left in the dark (ie: interfamily marriages, marriages among children/teenagers, etc.). You can’t please everyone and thus you cannot provide “equality” to everyone.

    It’s like the 9/11 health bill trying to pass congress. Does it sound like a good idea? Absolutely, those men and women did an amazing job working through that mess. But what about our local responders who have to run in and save people in a chemical plant or a building containing lead paint and asbestos? They very well may develop cancer too. No one’s yelling for free health care of them.

    All I’m saying is don’t preach “equality” when that’s never been the real intention. Never mind the fact that when it comes to gay marriage, EVERYONE is restricted from marrying someone of the same sex.

  • Patrick Dix

    You misunderstand. I am not asking that gay men and women be treated as a seperate, prootected class. I am simply pointing out, a much larger majority of Americans seems to have no problem if a gay man or woman takes a bullet in your place. They just have a problem with them being married? I don't get it.
    What harm is done to society if we recognize these civil unions? There is no movement to change the way any church recognizes marriage. I am not, in any way superior to anyone else in society becaause I am married.
    So what's the harm?
    If morality is the answer, I'd only ask when we start our crusade to save “traditional marriage”. 50% divorce rates, celebrities married for 48 hours! How can same sex couples do any worse? Why wouldn't society want to bring this segment in and, at least try to hold it to the same standards we try to impose on men and women when they marry? Stability, close knit families, inherited wealth passed between generations. Tell me where this goes off the rails?
    One last thing, comparing this to incest? A civil marriage license is already something availible to every adult-non-related member of society… except same sex couples.
    I respect your religious views on same sex marriage and believe no religion should be forced to adhere to anyone else's beliefs. I would defend any religion's right to deny marriage to a same sex couple.
    I also appreciate your commenting at all!
    Have a good weekend.

  • Barbara

    Women, men,
    Young women, young men.
    Girls, boys.
    Do you really read no differences?

    I completely understand that you mean no disrespect or diminution of your females colleagues when you call them “girls.” But think of the impression it makes on your viewers — the adults but moreover the kids — to hear grown women described by a word more commonly applied to children. It's the cumulative effect of us hearing adult women referred to as girls that reinforces some culturally perpetuated stereotypes, notions, and behaviors about women. Think not what you mean by it, but how others may think of your female colleagues because of it. If you truly respect them (and I don't question that), use language that clearly indicates that to the viewing audience.

    Ask people to call you a “boy”. Maybe a “little boy.” On air. For a long time. (Maybe Ken Root could help with this experiment?) How would that make you feel? (Regardless of whether they meant anything by it or not.) What impression would that give to the audience?

  • Angie

    Pat, I can not stand Wham!'s Last Christmas!!! I also can not stand Dan Fogelberg's Same Old Lang Syne! I'm am all about the classics :) My favorite, though, is Celine Dion's version of O Holy Night!

    By the way….I welcome your fun atmosphere with the “girls” :) Keep it up! Your relationships with each other make the 5:00 am news fun to watch and my preferred station to watch!

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