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Good Morning!
The Winter storm slowed down a little and that means more of the day will be OK to travel on Iowa roads. That’s good news for people who can’t get on the road till they get off work. I always feel badly for those folks. they have little control over when they can leave and are at the mercy of Mother Nature getting to family and friends for the Holiday.
Drive safely!

Vacation 1
At least everyone who has to work the holiday here at Channel 13 will have a lot to talk about. As the storm slowed down overnight, it started to become apparent that Christmas Eve and even part of Christmas Day we’d be cleaning up. AAA says 92 million Americans will be traveling for Christmas…80% of those will be on the road. Be careful and use the information the Iowa DOT provides. No Christmas party is worth going into a ditch over.

The President is in Hawaii today to start a vacation with his family. He had a series of “victories” in Washington before he left. The National Press made it out to be some sort of comeback after the national election. It may have had something to do with so many members of congress not having to answer to voters anymore. Either way I don’t really care. I like it when the two parties can get together on something. It seems the last two years have been full of endless hearings, news conferences, pontification and bluster…but not a lot of actual work. We’ll see what the Republicans can muster when they take control of the house.

Speaking of the Feds:
Many of you likely saw this yesterday on Facebook but I wanted to share. The CIA is putting together a task force to look at the implications of the Wikileaks release of clasified Diplomatic cables on national security. Predictable they named the task force. The Wikileaks Task Force. This being the government, they’ve got to use the acronym. WTF. Indeed.

This on refers to my vacation. I’m off until the end of the year. We’ll be hanging around town so if you see a guy that looks like Otis from the Andy Griffith show…it may be me.
I plan on relaxing as much as possible over the next week and a half. I’m looking forward to Christmas in our new home with he boys, my parents, my sister, Sally’s parents, friends and other various and sundry characters.
I’m ending my 12th year at WHOTV and I am, as I have always been, grateful to be working with such great people.
I have a co-anchor who keeps me grounded and positive….
A Meteorologist who keeps us on our toes and is always looking for ways we can improve our show.
We have a traffic guy with more personality in his right pinkie than most people have in their whole family.
A reporting/videography crew that works harder in three hours than most people do in a full day…
Producers that work overnight shifts, rarely complain and still manage to turn out a great show every day…
and a Production staff that makes us look better than we deserve most of the time.
I am very fortunate, and look forward to another great year in 2011!
Hope you have a good one too!


  • circawdm


    Your 12 years at WHO are also (since you won't say it) a testamonial to you doing a fine job and continuing to deserve to have your contract renewed annually. I mean, WHO has had it's share of turnover over time, and not always because the person who left wanted to leave for another “market.”

    Your co-anchor and the rest you mention do compliment your unique style, without which the early, early morning news would be a real “snoozer” for many of us, whether we had any java in us or not. Keep up the good work.

    PS: If, like Otis, you get locked up or locked out, just call one of your many loyal friends or viewers. If you don't remember where the keys are hanging, I am sure someone will help you. :)


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