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The Vikings game postponed by snow for a third straight week. What a surreal season for the Vikes. They’ll play the Eagles Tuesday night at 7. NBC will broadcast the game live on channel 13.

The second half of that game will go against the Insight Bowl on ESPN. Shawn Terrell and Chris Hassel arrived in Tempe Sunday. Look for their reports all week. It’s unseasonably chilly in Arizona, but it’s hot compared to here.

Nice Sunday for NFL teams around here not named Vikings. Bears move closer to a bye, Packers blow out the Giants, Chiefs clinch the division, Rams play their way to a winner-take-the-title game in Seattle, and the Lions even pull an upset. I guess you can argue it was a good day for the Vikings too because they didn’t have to play.

Sunday night we aired some of our favorite moments from the first 14 years of SoundOff (year 15 starts next week). You can find those clips on our SoundOff page (see tab at top).

Since longtime SoundOff emailer Shane from Marshalltown didn’t have an outlet for his thoughts this week, I thought I’d put his letter here. I’m told to point out Shane’s opinions are his, not mine, or channel 13’s, but you already knew that:

The Northern Iowa Panthers beat Steve Alford’s New Mexico Lobos 66-60, in something called the “iBN Las Vegas Tournament” Championship Game this week, proving once again that Super Cuts STILL can’t beat UNI…so be careful Steve, losing to the Panthers is where the train started coming off the tracks at that “football school” you helped create and you know what they say about “history”…

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas spent with loved ones and close friends this year, despite the snowfall that tried to ruin everything…Unfortunately, I had to miss out on all of that as I spent the last 72 hours in Marshall County lock-up after a misunderstanding that turned into an altercation that turned into an arrest as I tried to get change back from the K-Mart “Red Kettle” after realizing I had accidentally dropped a 20 in the Wal-Mart “Red Kettle”…apparently there’s no “communications network” between the Red Kettles and I had to learn that lesson “the hard way”…but ya know, if you see those volunteers sportin’ Nextel 2-ways in 2011, it’ll all be worth it! Oh, and hold on while I pour a shot out for my homies still “behind the wall”! PEACE!

I see Derrell Johnson-Koulianos plans to launch his very own twitter account on 1-1-11…I can almost see that first “tweet” now…@FormerHawkDJK15: RAID! COPS EVERYWHERE! FLUSH THE EVIDENCE! RUN LIKE HELL!…

Los Angeles Lakers coach, Phil Jackson called out the NBA’s Jewish Commissioner this past week, questioning why his team always has to play on Christmas Day, one of, if not the most holy of “Christian” holidays…and he brings up an interesting…wait, Christmas is a “Christian Holiday”? As in, “Christ”??? I thought it was a retail holiday created by this country’s business sector…hmm, a Christian holiday…I gotta tell ya, I never saw that one coming!

Speaking of the Lakers…don’t look now, but Kobe and Company just got pantsed at home on Christmas Day by Ladumbass, D. Wade and Chris Bosh and Company…for everyone who felt so good and happy while pointing at the Heat and laughing as they struggled during the first few weeks of the season, crow season starts next week…no license needed…

As winter weather seems to follow the Minnesota Vikings around the country like I follow Lo Lo Jones, tonight’s Vikings game against the Eagles has been pushed back to Tuesday night, which means SoundOFF will start at it’s usual 10:35pm spot tonight on WHO-tv13, which means I have about 4 minutes to get my e-mail in and…AH CRAP!

Tyler Sash and Marvin McNutt filed paperwork with the NFL in regards to this year’s draft…I’m sure glad they didn’t wait until AFTER the bowl game on Dec. 28th! If there’s one thing this team needs it’s a distraction! And you can’t blame the players, as they only had until January 15th to file that paperwork! The fact that they filed now, should tell the NFL these guys aren’t ready for the league…

The UConn women’s basketball team broke John Wooden and UCLA’s record for consecutive wins when they won their 89th in a row this past week…HAHA! JUST KIDDING! Seriously though, congratulations on getting to 89, but if until you start playing against men’s teams, you’re not breaking “their record”…you’re setting your own! So embrace that for what it is and ESPN and Title 9’ers, stop trying to make it something it’s not!

Shane from Marshalltown

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