RENEW IOWA: Green resolutions to make this year to help the environment

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It's that time of year when many of us make resolutions. One metro expert says she's taking steps to go greener this year, and you can too.

You may already recycle or take reusable bags to the grocery store. But, how can you take your sustainability efforts to a new level this year?

Green Author and Consultant Linda Mason Hunter says she's going to start by buying less. She says her mantra is, "use it up, wear it out, make due, do without."

She says you can also step up efforts at the grocery store. In addition to a reusable grocery bag, she she suggests green produce bags. The bags let fruits and vegetables breathe and keep produce fresher longer. The bags can also be reused. She says, "You can take them with you to the grocery store and when you're shopping you can actually put your produce in the bags and they can weigh them."

And, what about a recycled bag for your trash? She says, "The average American throws out four and a half pounds of trash every day." Hunter says to trade in your plastic trash bag for one made out of recycled materials. She says, "So at least you are using something that's recycled and using up something that's been previously used."

She says you can even green your morning routine. She says,"Studies have shown the average woman puts on her body 160 synthetic chemicals a day." She says men put on about 80. She suggests going to the environmental working group's skin deep website to see how natural your product is. The group ranks 50,000 personal care items.

She says her best piece advice is to start small because there's no need to stress about sustainability.