Agenda, Debate and Speeding

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Good Morning!
Sorry I missed the blog yesterday…
I am doing my best to fight off a cold. The boys have one, Sally caught it from them…and I think I’ve been successful at getting this one under control before it really has a chance to get going.

To the News

So the New Republican Majority at the Statehouse is going to make good on it’s promise to deal with social issues. Abortion will be first on the list. There would be restrictions on later abortions (from 24 weeks to 20 weeks). I’m not sure how receptive a lot of Iowa voters are going to be on social issues when the Economy is still so fragile.

We also found out lawmakers are going ahead with an effort to impeach the rest of the Supreme Court. You’ll hear more about this when Rekha Basu has Bob Vander Plaats on her Internet broadcast today. You can see it on the Des Moines Register’s site.

Sally told me she’d heard a story on NPR that basically put the question out there…should reporters just put their biases out on the table for everyone to see? Would it be better for consumer of the news? I see the point of the question. So many people are getting into Journalism today with an agenda in mind. “I’m going to go make sure someone keeps those politicians honest”…or, “Someone needs to bring down the greed of these big corporations!”
Of course, I have my opinions, but I got into reporting because I liked trying to find objective truth. In so many cases “truth” is subjective, but I think the real talent of being a reporter is being able to stand in the middle of an argument and really hear each side. I always used to say I knew I was doing my job when both sides of a debate were mad at me.
I like being in the middle. It allows me to make decisions independent of anyone’s ideology. Some people might say that means I lack conviction. I would disagree…but I’m willing to listen to your arguments.

A New Hampshire Dad to be got his wife to the Hospital by driving 102mph. She got there in time and had the baby six minutes after they arrived. During the trip to the hospital, a trooper tried to pull them over…the guy called 911 to say what was going on and the trooper got out in front to give them an escort to the hospital. The Trooper gave the Dad a congratulatory handshake and then handed him a ticket.

Homeless, to Internet Sensation
How many people are there like Ted Williams. The Columbus Ohio homeless man was panhandling by the side of the road with a sign that touted his Golden Voice. A Newspaper reporter took a little video of it and posted it on YouTube. Millions have watched it. I just watched the interview he did with the Today show. It’s great he’s getting a second chance at life. None of us are perfect so when bad choices force someone’s life south, it’s good to see there’s a way for his to get a second chance.

One more thing. I failed to give credit where credit was due the other day when I posted those photos. My Sister Katie was family photographer for Christmas and got more than 100 great pictures. The three I shared were hers.

Have a good day!


  • Anthill_Goddess

    Glad to hear you've managed to keep the cold at bay so far!

    As far as the new replican majority working on social issues…you actually explained *why* they are going to work on them. “…make good on it's promise…” If they were to forego those issues right now, the very people who voted them into office would be after their heads on platters.

    My own personal opinion? Bob Vander Plaats is an idiot who is riding the wave of irritation at “big government” and stirring a pot that was just fine being left alone.

    I'm not sure that most of the faces in the media *need* to openly declare their biases, many are pretty easy to see as it is. If we were to expect (and get) news people showing their biases we would stop having “news” and only have “opinion”. I watch the news for pieces that are informative about what is going on locally, nationally, and around the globe. I watch entertainment shows for opinions.

    Hope the cold bug leaves your house soon and have a great day!

  • James

    I agree with Anthill_Goddess, the biases are already made clear. It's why I encourage people to read/watch a variety of news programs (including international news). It gives a good perspective.

  • Patrick Dix

    I would say to both of you that viewers have emailed in and tried to pin me on a particular issue and have been very wrong. I've been called a Commie Liberal and a Heartless Conservative. So which is it? If it's so obvious you'd think these viewers would get it right.
    I say that only to caution you that your observations about a story someone presents might be misinterpretations.

  • Anthill_Goddess


    It's true that not every reporter is obvious when it comes to their personal feelings on a story, but you have to admit that there are *certain* nationally televised programs that are supposed to be “news” that lean one way or the other. I suppose those are the commentators that I was thinking about when I posted. Our local news men and women do a wonderful job of reporting the news without inserting their own opinions and I appreciate it.
    I would never presume that all of my assumptions about news personalities would be correct…which is why I've never sent anyone an email calling them either a Commie Liberal or a Heartless Conservative.
    Have a great day! :)

  • Sarah

    Patrick..please stay 'on the fence' as a reporter..only way to be….also let J know her due date is chosen..January 13th..deduction.( 13 letters in her name, and works for channel 13)..most

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