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Chosen One, Harbaugh Mania, The Name is Dalton

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  • I just watched ESPN’s documentary on Tim Tebow, “Everything In Between”. It follows Tebow from final game at Florida to the moment—and I mean moment—he’s drafted. I don’t know how someone can’t be completely impressed with Tebow’s character and work ethic. Following professional sports, and the people who play them, invites cynicism, but if Tebow’s a phony, I’m fooled. I still don’t what kind of NFL starting quarterback he’ll make, but I’m more convinced than ever that no one’s going to outwork Tebow. If Jay Cutler showed half of Tebow’s dedication, he’d be an all-time great.
  • Speaking of young men who appear to take the role model stuff seriously, how about Andrew Luck. A lock as the #1 pick in the NFL draft, he’s headed back to Stanford to finish his degree and have more fun. I’m not even sure it makes sense, but I’m glad Luck’s smart enough to do what he wants. I guess that does make sense after all.
  • This Harbaugh circus is just too much.
  • The Dolphins should be ashamed of themselves.
  • I’ve watched a lot of wrestling lately, and I’ve really come to respect and appreciate the mental chess match that’s played out in a physical sense.
  • As I type, I’m watching Beverly Hills Cop. Remember when Eddie Murphy was the funniest man on the planet?
  • Is every high school “Dalton” named after Swayze in Road House?
  • Greatest backwards buzzer-beater of all-time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EytV67B5ueQ&feature=youtu.be
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