Arizona Congresswoman Shot

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Mass Shooting: Shock can hardly describe many Americans’ feelings, I would presume, as I write this. Reports say a young man deliberately opened fire on a crowd of people at a Safeway grocery store in Arizona. The victims include Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley’s office relayed Giffords’ brother, Alex, was a placekicker for the Iowa State Cyclones. Here’s his statement:

“While we still don’t have all the details, Carolyn and I are praying for Gabby. Our thoughts go out to her husband Mark, her family, her staff and all who know and love her. And I add my deepest condolences to the families of the other victims of this morning’s tragic, senseless shooting.

I also should note that Gabby’s brother, Alex Giffords, was a placekicker for the Iowa State football team. She gave me a print of Beardshear Hall at Iowa State that I have in my office, which she got from her brother.”


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