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A-Rob Apologizes, Bear Down, No Shots

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  • I think Adam Robinson is sincere about being sorry for making bad choices that hurt him, his family, his teammates, coaches, and fans. However, Adam did make those choices, and now there are consequences. Kirk Ferentz kicked Robinson off the team, and though Adam hopes he can prove by going to class and living clean, he deserves another chance, it’s no certainty Ferentz would reinstate him. I hope Adam uses this wake-up call for the good. Even if there’s no football at Iowa, you can get a darn good education. No small thing, and it lasts longer.
  • Can’t believe the Patriots are OUT. Did not see that coming at all. Props to Rex Ryan and the Jets. They backed up all that talk.
  • Shawn Terrell was at the Bears game, and based on the text I just received, I’d say Shawn is celebrating. He should. He went as a fan, not a reporter.
  • Hassel’s a Bears fan too. Could be a long week at the office.
  • How good were the Packers Saturday night.. They didn’t punt! Not once. Aaron Rodgers was in the zone. And the zone.
  • The Steelers always seem to be around.
  • Steelers-Packers Super Bowl would be a classic, or at least look like one.
  • Maybe it’s time to realize Fred Hoiberg’s Iowa State team is better than we think.
  • Is everybody drunk at the Golden Globes?
  • I broke my “no shots” policy at Andy’s birthday party. The policy is back in place until Andy’s 50th.