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Apologies, Globes and Go Bears!

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Good Morning!
We pulled the trigger this weekend. Furniture is on the way for our Living Room. It’s one of thosse decisions that’s hard ot pull the trigger on. You don’t get a set of new furniture that often so it feels like you’re going to have to live with whatever you choose for a long time.
I’m pretty sure the boys aren’t going to like the additions to their play space (the now empty living room).
Other than that it was a quiet weekend. We had a very nice coffee/play date with some friends who have a boy a couple months younger than the twins. It tired our boys out enough that they slept for three and a half hours Sunday afternoon. enough time for Dad to watch the Bears!

To the News:
I give credit to Adam Robinson, both for apologizing, and for staying at University of Iowa. He made a commitment to getting an education there and he says he’s going to try to live up to that commitment.
I don’t think it would be the worst thing in the world for Coach Ferentz to reinstate Robinson at the end of the school year if Robinson shows significant improvement in his grades. These athletes are just kids and they’re going to make big mistakes sometimes. Wouldn’t it be a better ending to this story if he cleans up his act and stays at Iowa for a successful Junior/Senior season? A lot better than just skulking off to some smaller school where his continued success would likely still gain him access to the NFL without any of the hard work/humility it will take to make it back on the team at Iowa.

Watched as much of the Golden Globes as we could last night. I caught Chris Colfer’s(Glee: Best Supporting Actor) acceptance speech. Great stuff. I love it when an actor is genuinely surprised that they won. Jane Lynch is funny, period. Which of the Movies/shows that won or were nominated last night do you think are “can’t miss”?
I had a thought as I was watching the first hour or so of the Awards. Three of the categories I saw had either actors playing openly gay characters, or actors nominated who were openly gay. I gotta tell you, I don’t understand what dream world people are living in if they think that passing a law or even amending the constitution is going to, in any way change who these people are.
This is reality.
Being gay isn’t a fad, or some cultural movement, it’s not a sickness or some mental disorder. Anyway, I was thinking, I’m not sure what the intended end result is.

I thought John McCain’s op/ed in the Washington Post was fantastic. If more Republicans and Democrats put themselves out there like that, we might actually have a reasonable debate on Healthcare, national debt or any number of pressing issues. The problem is, they won’t. If you write it down for everyone to read, they’re going to hold you to it next time you run for office.

No Baby
Haven’t heard from Jeriann yet this morning so we assume all is on schedule for Nick’s arrival. We’ll keep you posted.

Go Bears
I was glad to see the Bears get a win Sunday, but it leaves me concerned about next week. I also watched much of the Green Bay game and I’m not sure the Bears have it in em to beat the Pack. That said, no one will be yelling louder at the TV than I will come Sunday. Go Bears!

Hope you all have a good day.


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