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Brandstad on MLK Day

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It’s Monday: A couple of little tidbits from Iowa Governor Terry Branstad Monday. The program for the celebration of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King at the State Historical Building in Des Moines showed the governor would be delivering an “address”. But…the gov read a proclamation, talked to the media, shook some hands, talked to some people and then left. What happened to the address? No one complained to me about it. But I asked Branstad’s office what happened. The gov’s office said it was their understanding the gov would come in and do the proclamation, meet some people and go because he had 11am meetings at the statehouse (the MLK event started at 10:45am). The office said Branstad hadn’t planned on giving an address. His staff blamed some type of “first day confusion”.

The gov also brought a few laughs to the room, including some of his own, when he read the proclamation. He offered an accidental flashback…