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This thought occurred to me Wednesday afternoon – Given the events of the last few days, can you imagine the level of outrage/panic/hysteria among hawkeye nation if Iowa hadn’t beaten Mizzou in the Insight Bowl?

I said rhabdomyolysis on live television 14 times Wednesday. I think at pronounced it correctly at least twice. Over/under on the number of times I’ll say rhabdomyolysis on television Thursday: seven.

When I first heard Iowa had called a press conference Wednesday afternoon, I thought the university was finally treating a story proactively, instead of reactively, as it has countless times in the past. But to call a press conference without Gary Barta, Kirk Ferentz, or Chris Doyle present is inexcusable. Doyle was present at all the workouts that led to the hospitalizations, and the father of an Iowa player told me Tuesday night that Doyle feels terrible about what happened. I don’t doubt that, but why not stand up and say that for all to hear? Maybe the university is protecting itself from potential lawsuits, or maybe Ferentz is protecting a member of his staff. I suspect it’s probably both.