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Good Morning,
If your house was anything like ours you made a good effort to stay up for the State of the Union…but it was just that…an effort. I didn’t get to sleep till after 9pm…so if I seemed a little punchy this morning, that’s why.

I thought I’d go off format a bit and just throw out some random thoughts here.

-I thought the President looked uncomfortable for the first part of that speech. Sally commented that either his delivery was off, or the speech wasn’t written that well. I agree. I think it might have been a combination of both. One observer pointed out that the President feeds off of the room he is speaking to. Last night in The House Chamber there was a MUCH different vibe from past State of the Union speeches. That much talked about seating, I think made the room less likely to stand up and cheer for a priority you support. I actually liked it. The fewer interruptions, the faster the speech is over.
-I think I wrote the same thing last year but, Who in the world is coaching these Republicans tapped to do the response to the SoU? I’ve seen Paul Ryan speak. He is dynamic, intelligent and seems like a guy who’s trying to do what he thinks is best for the country. Last night you could see him straining to remember to keep a cheerful look on his make-up caked face. Just let the guy be himself!
-I didn’t see Michelle Bachmann. Any thoughts?
-Anyone see Rep Boswell on the aisle? Wonder what he was asking the Prez?
-Am I missing something or is everyone ignoring one of the bigger pieces of the President’s speech? He talked about paring down the number of federal agencies. At least, that’s what I thought he was saying when he used the line about salmon who are swimming in fresh water and salmon swimming in saltwater. If he’s serious, that’s something I could get behind. Government is too big in some places it doesn’t need to be.

I hope you had a good night whatever you did!
We’ll talk more tomorrow.

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