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Budget, Where Were You? and Chocolate

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Good Morning!
I looked down at about 5:25 this morning and realized I’d grabbed the wrong jacket from my desk…I was wearing a jacket that didn’t match the pants I was wearing. Brooke pointed out that no one would know, but I couldn’t take it. I went back at our 5:45 weather and changed jackets. Brooke called me a freak. Yep.

So there’s going to be some argument about the budget but at this point I feel like there’s a lot less than there has been in the last eight or nine years. Maybe it’s a line in the Governor’s Budget speech that caught my attention. He talked about making sure we pay for ongoing costs with annual revenue, and not one time funds. I understand the logic behind the tactics of the past…kick the can down the road and hope the economy improves to the point that revenues increase. Frankly everyone who made last year’s budget knew that wasn’t going to happen. Some people have called the Gov’s plan Draconian…it would not have to be if leadership had made a tougher choice earlier.

The Gov also proposes a tax increase for casinos. I enjoy going to Prairie Meadows every once in a while. I’m headed to Vegas for the NCAA tournament. Last time I checked, none of these places are going broke. They agreed to pay the higher tax way back when casinos were starting up, and at least part of this money is going to come from out of starters…
If we’ve got to raise some more revenue, I don’t mind seeing it come from an industry that’s done VERY well in Iowa.

I’ll be attending the Fraternal Order of Eagles Hold Em Poker Tournament again this year. Thanks to all of the folks at the Eagles for the reminder about a fun tournament that fund’s scholarships. Looking forward to seeing everyone down there.

Where Were You?
I missed writing this the first time I published the blog today but the comment is right on. I wanted to know if everyone remembers where they were the day the Challenger blew up. I was in 6th grade. I remember we didn’t watch it live but it was on in the library, and we sat and watched all afternoon.

Van and Bonnie’s Chocolate breakfast was a big hit again this year. One vendor had given away 1000 bags by 6am! Always interesting to see the chocolate treat we’ve never heard of. this year Chocolate wine! Megan said she overheard a Dad say to his son, “No son… it’s not like chocolate milk”.

The Journey
Thanks to Brain Waller and Downtown Chamber of Commerce for putting on their new series called “The Journey”. Michael Gartner will interview business and community leaders to talk about their Journey to success. Last night he talked to Suku Radia. I’ve known Suku for a few years but learned a lot about him and about his recipe for success last night. As you’d expect Michael conducted a wide ranging and very interesting interview. I enjoyed watching a pro work, and listening to a guy who’s got so much good advice!
The Next one is April 12th at 5pm in Principal’s Auditorium if you want to go.
Laura Hollingsworth, the Publisher and Editor of the Des Moines Register will be Michael’s Guest. See the Downtown Chamber’s website for more information!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  • anthillgoddess

    Good luck in the Hold Em tourney!

    I'm assuming the “Where were you?” in the headline was supposed to be about the Challenger explosion??
    I was in school, watching it. :(

    I like the idea of corporate tax cuts while increasing the tax at casinos back to original levels. It makes sense to me.

    Have a great weekend!

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