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iPhone, Bill Pulled and Andy Answers

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Good Morning!
I hope you will enjoy the warmer temperatures Bret has on tap for us this afternoon.

20’s…warmer…when is Spring arriving again?

To the News

The iPhone for Verizon hit store shelves this morning and we asked on our Facebook page this morning if people were going to go out and buy one. It seems a mixed bag of responses.

I am one of the many who are considering this purchase and I have to say I’ve been waffling for months. I waited until Verizon put out its iPhone and now I’m debating waiting until the iPhone5 comes out. It’s supposed to be 4G compatable. We asked this morning and although Des Moines isn’t one of the cities that’s on Verizon’s 4G Network now, it’s supposed to be by the end of the year. Verizon’s 4G network is supposed to blow everyone else’s away. So here I sit paralyzed by my choices again.

Bill Pulled
So this bill we talked about yesterday was pulled. Not a lot of explanation of the decision but it’s pretty clear it didn’t have the support to pass.
The lawmaker who sponsored the bill opened the door to it coming back at a later date. I’m compelled to ask again: How are we going to identify a gay couple? If I get a hotel room with my friend for a guys golf weekend, can the hotel’s owner kick us out when we check in? How can we prove we’re not gay? What do you think?

To follow up on that, Here’s the answer to yesterday’s question. The passage I quoted was taken from a turn of the century editorial that appeared in The Atlantic.

If you read it and said…Yep that’s pretty much my stance on marriage…well, then tell your wife, sister or daughter they shouldn’t show up to vote next time.
The editorial was arguing the women, not only shouldn’t have the right to vote, but didn’t have the capacity to vote.
What, you ask, was this conclusion based on? This is the way it’s always been. Women don’t have what it takes to make these decisions. This reasoning was based on…what else…natural law…sound familiar?

the great body of American women are true to themselves, to the nature God has given them, and to the service He has allotted to them — the direct ministry to life, — and will neither be forced nor enticed from it by their restless, well-meaning, but mistaken sisters.

I think most people would agree women have a much broader place in society. I think most would agree that it has been a benefit to society that women have been included in a broader way than just being mothers and wives.
I’ll ask a question. Is it possible that, like this editorial, we have again come upon a time where well meaning people have come to a conclusion that in the end would not benefit our society?
This article and others concluded that giving women the vote would undermine the family and cause the wholesale downfall of society. Last time I checked, that hadn’t happened.

Andy Answers
What a great story from Andy Fales. If you missed it, and would like to know who some of the streets, buildings and institutions in Central Iowa are named after…Here’s a look:
I’m off to watch some of Tiger’s 1st round in Dubai…
Have a great day!


  • Sarah

    Day 2 of reading your blog and I just want you to know I love it. Great way to show certain Iowans that “Gays” are no different than anyone else and all of their arguments will only label them ignorant. We should be proud that our State of Iowa is leading the nation in the right direction of equal rights for everyone.

  • Jacqui D.

    Let's try this again….Hey, question for you. This morning you reported you may wait to get an iPhone until June when the iPhone 5 would be available. My co-worker and I are debating that accuracy of your statement about the iPhone 5 coming out in June. I took your word for gossip, should I have?

  • Patrick Dix

    More like an educated guess.
    This would be the first time Apple has not put out a new iPhone in June and that wouldn't make a lot of sense.
    Google iPhone5 and you'll see the number of articles reporting the “rumors”. these are the same guys who got the release date of the Verizon iPhone spot-on about two months ago.

  • circawdm

    As usual, thoughtful post, Pat. As for Tiger in Dubai, too bad he could not resist (?) spitting on the green. Even though they fined him, along with his cursing, it seems his rehab was not entirely successful. After all, he is a very *seasoned* golfer…

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