Baudler Hearing Delayed Again

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Still Waiting: We thought we would find out this past Thursday if a state ethics committee thought retired state trooper-turned State Rep. Clel Baudler could get into some trouble. Baudler doesn’t hide the fact he lied about his health when he applied to try to get a prescription for medical marijuana in California (it’s legal there). Baudler said he never actually tried to fill the prescription to help the hemorrhoids (which he says he doesn’t really have). Mike Pesce, of Des Moines, a legalize marijuana activist, filed the complaint with the ethics committee saying Baudler should get punished for breaking California law by lying on his application.

Lawmakers ended up delaying the ethics hearing Thursday and rescheduled it for Valentine’s Day Monday. Today, House Chief Clerk Charlie Smithson sent out this message letting us know the meeting won’t address the Baudler complaint Monday either. Here’s his message:

Due to scheduling logistics for some of the House Ethics Committee members:

1. The meeting on February 14 at noon for the House Ethics Committee will be a discussion on the proposed House Rules Governing Lobbyists ONLY.

2. There will be NO discussion on the Pesce v. Baudler Ethics Complaint. This issue will be the focal point of the next Ethics Committee meeting (not yet scheduled).

Thank you all.

Charlie Smithson

Chief Clerk of the House


  • RevRayGreen

    Under the Baudler code, an Illinois lawmaker could come poach a deer in Iowa.

    Dave we actually have others from the GOP who have came over to ourside over this and wil be at the hearing to question the remaining Baudler brain cells upstairs Clel still has left.

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  • Sensible Iowan

    Clel Baudler is a disgrace to the state of Iowa. I hear so many people try to make this a Dem vs. Repub or anti vs. pro-cannabis. In all truth the ethics in question involve neither. The question is; should we allow our elected representatives to go on law violating vigilante missions? I would hope that all Iowans would answer NO. This is about honesty and integrity, not politics and pot. Iowa should FIRE THE LIAR.

  • RevRayGreen

    Excellent POLL question for you Price….

    should we allow our elected representatives to go on law violating vigilante missions?

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