Pre-school, Pink-out and Party-week!

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Good Morning
We’ll get right to a quickie this morning.

The Governor is out with his plan to fund pre-school.
I understand the importance of pre-school. As the parent of two 2-year-old boys I want the best pre-school education I can get fgor my kids. That said, my wife and I are fortunate to have the resources to choose pre-school for our kids. If the Governor’s plan is as advertised, I can’t say I see a huge problem. Everyone pays a little something, but for the kids who wouldn’t otherwise be in these programs, there’s more money from the state.
Details should make this more clear.

I’m disappointed Justin Roberts didn’t win for best Children’s Album. We’ll be there next weekend when he does a concert in Des Moines. Pajama’s and PB&J sounds like a fun morning.
As for the rest of the Grammys, I just am not into watching that show anymore. I just am not even close to being cool enough to watch. You could line up 12 Grammy winners and I wouldn’t be able to identify them. I’d like to say I feel out of touch with culture, but it feels the other way around to me…it feels like culture is out of touch with me.

Went to Iowa State’s game against Kansas State Sunday. Sally was one of the partners for the pink-out game highlighting awareness and fundraising for breast cancer research. I had a great time. Fun to see 11,000 people out for a women’s game in Ames on a BEAUTIFUL DAY.

Party week!
We began Birthday week for the twin boys with a visit from Grandpa Chief (Sally’s Dad). The boys had a great time and so did we. Another skywalk adventure Saturday morning then brunch Sunday.
We ended the night looking for a quick bite to eat and kept getting turned away at downtown restaurants. We were looking at each other wondering if there was some big event going on, until one of the hostesses says, “It’s Valentine’s Day”. Ooooooohhhhhh. Right.
Next up on the visitors list is my family…all of them in from Chicago. We’ve got another great weekend planned next week and now we even have furniture for people to sit on!
Have a great day!

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  • Debra

    This funding isn't just about paying for preschool. The preschool funding money also paid for QUALIFIED teachers. Would you want the Art teacher teaching your child Trig? Would you allow Aunt Sue to teach Reading just because she likes little kids? Preschool age children deserve teachers who are knowledgeable about Early childhood development and the curriculums that are best for teaching early learning skills.

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