Severe Thunderstorm Watch


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  • UNI needed that one. Took 15 threes, but with no inside presence, whatever works.
  • Nice job by KGAN’s Jared Aarons with his DJK interview. Jared did a nice job of balancing what makes DJK so likable with what brought him down. Plus, just getting Johnson-Koulianos to go through with an interview he’s agreed to is no small feat. He stood us up twice in the past three weeks.
  • Johnson-Koulianos┬ásounds like he’s learned a lesson—he admits to getting caught up in his DJK persona—but he’s smart enough to know he’ll have to prove he’s changed with actions over time, not words over one interview.
  • State Wrestling begins Wednesday. If you’re driving through downtown Des Moines, keep your head on a swivel.
  • Just seeing video of the Cubs at spring training makes me feel like winter won’t be long. Maybe the groundhog was right.
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