Life of Reilly in Des Moines, Amazing Clark & Meeks, Colts Cut Sanders

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  • 11-time National Sportswriter of the Year Rick Reilly arrived in Iowa for a speaking engagement put on by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Des Moines, and had a story put right on the tee. Reilly immediately went to work on the wrestling controversy at girls state. Among Reilly’s observations: 1) Joel Northrup sacrificed a shot at a state title for his beliefs. 2) Where does it say in the bible you can’t engage in physical combat with a girl? 3) Iowans sure love their wrestling.
  • Because of state wrestling, I didn’t get a chance to hear Reilly speak at the Polk County Convention Complex, but my friend who was there, said Reilly was funny and entertaining. His first question for me on the radio, “Where can I get a good steak?”. I told him Jesse’s Embers on Ingersoll, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, or the steak sandwich at Noah’s—hold the bread.
  • Southeast Polk’s Cory Clark and Des Moines Roosevelt’s John Meeks are one match away from staying perfect through their first three years of high school wrestling. Amazing.
  • The Colts cut former Hawkeye Bob Sanders. Sanders was a difference-maker, when he was healthy, which was almost never. Sanders played just nine games the past three years. The Colts had to hate making his tough choice, but it’s understandable. When you’re that small, and hit that hard, injuries happen.
  • It was an interesting week, but I am worn out by the wrestling controversy. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Hope you have one too.