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More Layoffs, Wrestling update and Big Day

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Good late morning. Sorry I wanted to get home so I could say hit to he boys this morning. I can hardly believe it but they turned two today. We’ve got family in town to celebrate again today. Sally and I stayed up for a few minutes and hung streamers up in the dining room and in the boy’s play room so they knew it was a special day. We’ve been trying to get them to say how old they are for a couple days now. Will got it this morning. “I…Two”. he says it with gusto. JT is still trying to figure out how to hold up two fingers. The learning curve is getting steeper and we’re both enjoying the show as they discover new things. I’m sure year three will have it’s challenges, but I’m looking forward to all of the new things they’ll discover they can accomplish in the next 365 days.

To the news

More Layoffs
It shouldn’t be a surprise that another state agency announced it will be laying people off. The state doesn’t have any money. I’m not sure we all have a firm grasp on the financial position of the state. This isn’t a matter of cutting a few of the big-wig’s salaries and everything will be OK. One of the biggest expenses continues to be salaries and benefits for State workers. You can’t say those state workers deserve a raise and the state should expand services. I think that’s the way we’d all like to see it go…but the money isn’t there. As taxpayers it’s time to stop expecting that services will expand without significant increases in how much we pay for it. If you want your taxes to stay where they are…the trade off is going to be that government will shrink. I think there are some people who see that as a good goal. Of course, there’s a balance.

Layoffs II
The Wisconsin situation got worse last night when all the Democrats in the Senate decided to leave the state rather than let the Republican majority vote on the bill we discussed yesterday. If Democrats goal was to slow the process so there could be more debate..they got what they wanted. it’s not going to change the outcome here either. Wisconsin is far worse off than we are…billions in the hole. I just can’t get past the thought…what did the 800,000+ public employees in Wisconsin think? Did they think the state was kidding when they said they were so far in the red? The money has to come from somewhere.

So both of the young ladies who qualified for the tournament are now out. Cassey Herkelman lost her matches this morning. We’ll have highlights at Noon.
The debate has been interesting but I found myself thinking last night, we can learn a lot from how the kids acted publicly here.
They showed opponents respect, we saw them show character by sticking to their stated convictions and I didn’t hear anyone complain at the result. The message from the kids was, if this is what you believe I respect that. It wouldn’t be my choice but I respect your right to be here.
Think of the most divisive debates we are having right now in politics. Adults could all learn a lot from what we saw in Wells Fargo Arena.

With that I’m off to do a Noon Newscast.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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  • susieq

    Happy 2nd birthday to your twins. Enjoy every minute of it b/c they grow up so fast!

    And, to all the naysayers who have been so quick to criticize and judge the two high school wrestlers who are involved in the controversary across the nation, put yourselves in their young shoes…would you have handled this situation with as much grace and character as these two have?

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