Floyd Goes Grape Nuts, Real Energy, Mmm Bacon

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  • I’m back on board with the NBA, and I’m not the only one. Ratings are WAY up.
  • Tim Floyd didn’t care for the officiating at East Carolina. Floyd is now at UTEP, and he went bonkers Wednesday night. A cop finally had to escort Floyd off the court. Those who knew Floyd well in Ames know he has a temper, but it’s rarely been seen like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8G-M7-b8h8
  • The Iowa Energy played a morning game in front of three thousand schoolkids. Now that’s energy. How come we never had cool field trips like that when I was a kid? That sounds a lot better than looking at bugs or cows.
  • Congratulations to one of the nicest people I’ve met covering sports in Iowa, Kim Carson. The former Roosevelt Roughrider, and LSU All-American, will be inducted into the Drake Relays Hall of Fame April 28th.
  • I saw Kim’s brother at Jesse’s Embers Thursday night. I was there with my wife and I ordered the small fillet. Our waitress said, “You mean the ladies steak?” Ouch. By any name, it was delicious. And I felt manly while eating it.
  • I’m glad the snow storm stayed south of us here in Des Moines. The 70 degrees spoiled me last week.
  • Can’t wait to stop by the Bacon Fest. Face of the Fest, Brooks Reynolds, brought some bacon inspired pizza from Gusto by the Murph & Andy Show. They were all good, but surprisingly, my favorite was the Elvis pizza. It had peanut butter, bananas, honey, bacon and some other stuff. Mmm. No wonder the King died young.
  • New Broncos coach John Fox says Altoona’s Kyle Orton is his QB. Should be. Tim Tebow’s not ready yet, and Kyle’s consistently underrated and under-appreciated.
  • Here’s the latest update on Hawkeye legend Ed Podolak from his daughter Laura. Ed’s doing well considering he was run over by a car, but it’s clear he has a long, painful road ahead. Get well soon, Ed.

“I talked to my dad this morning and he wants to again express how thankful and overwhelmed he is by all of the wonderful well wishes sent to him from Hawkeye fans all across the nation.

Because of his condition, he’s been in contact with only his immediate family, but he has received notes of encouragement from the Kansas City Chiefs, the University of Iowa and leaders of Hawkeye nation.

Dad is being medicated because of the number of surgeries he’s undergone up to this point. He’s aware that it’s going to be a challenging and lengthy rehabilitation for him to return to his full physical abilities. But, he’s confident that overall he will return as a better man. He wants to thank God, his higher power, for protecting him in this unfortunate accident. The injuries could have been much worse.

I have always been in awe of my dad’s strength and perseverance, so his positive attitude at this time does not surprise me. It only inspires me to live every day to the fullest and not take any moment for granted.

Thanks to all for your love and support.”

Note: Well-wishers are reminded that the best way to send messages at this time is by the following Facebook link:


All cards/gifts are currently being returned to sender, as the hospital doesn’t have the means to handle the volume of incoming mail. The public will be notified when an address for Ed is established.

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