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Same Sex, Chase, and Who Does That?

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Good Morning.

If I looked as if I was looking down a lot this morning it may have had something to do with the fact that I lost the button on my jacket. Save the fat jokes smarty. So of course, Brooke has a needle and thread. It took me 45 minutes but I got the button back on and actually learned how to do it right. Thanks Brooke!

Same Sex

The DSM Register poll shows why people who want to ban same sex marriage are so eager to do it. The electorate is pretty well split on the issue. Mike Mahaffey said it well on the insiders. I think this would be a lot closer than people think it would. I agree, and that’s if they took the vote right now. Give this issue two years and you’re going to get thousands more people who are entering the electorate who think same sex marriage is fine. What’s more those younger voters might actually be motivated to get to the polls with an issue like this one. I liked Kay Henderson’s comment on the poll as well, this likely reflects the feelings of the population as a whole. The feelings of the segment of the population who votes is another thing entirely.
It’s not coming to a vote this year or next…so for now the law stands as it is.


I always wonder what people who run from police are thinking? No one ever gets away. This guy wasted like an hour of everyone’s time and added like a dozen extra charges to the list of things he’s going to jail for. Thankfully no one was hurt.


Thought the dresses were better this year than they have been in a long time. Classic. Thought the hosts were so-so. James Franco looked like he was on a sedative for the portion of the show I saw. Billy Crystal ruined this for just about anyone else who tries.

Best speech of the night was Melissa Leo. It shows you how much emotion is wrapped up into getting one of those things. She dropped the f-bomb and looked genuinely embarrassed…like “Where did that come from?”. Best moment of the night was Kirk Douglas. Only he could make all those women wait to hear if their name was going to be called. Pretty funny.


Well Charlie Sheen has gone round the bend. The thing is, this guy is a pretty good actor. It’s sad. One the other hand he’s right when he tells NBC’s Jeff Rossen that he can quit and it will hurt CBS a LOT more than it will hurt Charlie Sheen. He’s going to get offers for movies…maybe even some sitcoms. And if he doesn’t? He’s not going to the poor house anytime soon. Highlight of the Interview? Rossen went to his California home where Charlie lives with his twin children and his TWO GIRLFRIENDS? He calls them, the Goddesses. Of course he does. That seems like the right environment to raise kids…I’m still waiting for someone to get as worked up about this as they are about two women who’ve been together for 40 years raising two kids. I’ll probably be waiting for a while.

Who does that?

So we’re walking through the Skywalk this weekend and I see something on the ground…We walked past…thank goodness the boys didn’t see it. It was dog poop. So we get to the next door and there are like four more piles of crap on the ground.

Who does this? I mean…first of all, your dog isn’t supposed to be in the Skywalk…second who leaves their dog poop indoors? People are amazing.

Have a good day



  • Megan

    Are you sure it wasn't geese poop?? Did you see the video we aired this weekend of the dressed up geese and their “shepherd” walking through the skywalks on Saturday? It was pretty awesome video. It's on 13raw now on http://www.whotv.com But I wondered what they did about all the duckie poos….

  • Anthill_Goddess

    I really think that Charlie Sheen is not only suffering the effects of substance abuse, but a severe mental health issue, also. I send my prayers to him that someone, somewhere, will give him the help he deserves instead of just passing judgement.

  • Lisa

    I saw parts of the Sheen interview this morning. He was talking about this being the BEST season ever. I disagree. the show has been one of my favorites since it began, but the end of last season and this season have NOT been great. If anything it is just getting way too raunchy – not a good timeslot for raunchy. I say, let them tape a few shows without him, see where the ratings go. Give Berta and Rose more airtime – I think their characters are hilarious!!

  • lorrie

    Charlie Sheen may have been a good actor at one point in his life, but he isn't anymore. He is self-destructing and he does not deserve all of the attention and money. At what point do we say enough is enough and quit supporting him by watching his show.

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