Basketball Overload, Sheen 24/7, Wonderlic Fales

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  • Chris Hassel covered six girls state basketball games for us Monday. First one started at 10 a.m. Final one ended at 10 p.m. That’s a lot of basketball.
  • Charlie Sheen is either high, crazy, or a genius. Maybe all three. Whatever he is, Sheen’s providing his finest performance in years. His interviews are far more entertaining than Two and a Half Men. It might be his best act since he hijacked Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with a memorable cameo.
  • Watching Crazy Heart as I type. Dang, Jeff Bridges is good. This movie is a lot like Tender Mercies.
  • Dan Wetzel reminded me of one of my favorite quotes today. It came up because of the ridiculous attention paid to the NFL combine. When Earl Campbell couldn’t run a mile, Phillips said, “When it’s first and a mile, I won’t give it to him”. Perfect. Man, Earl could run the football.
  • Andy took the Wonderlic test during our radio show today. He was dealing with a lot of distractions and still scored above the NFL average, which I doubt he’d see as a compliment.