SUCCESS STORY: A man walks his way to better health through the skywalks of downtown Des Moines

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Thousands of downtown Des Moines workers use the skywalk system to get where they're going, but Chris Anderson is using it to get fit.

"I've lost just over 80 pounds in one year," he says with pride. He did it without joining a gym, wearing fancy workout clothes or using expensive equipment.  "Just getting out in the skywalk over my lunch hour for 45 minutes makes it easy to get out and move."  It's easy and effective.  "I'm proof that getting out and moving more than you did before will really do it."

Chris also joined Weight Watchers, which is a huge help when it comes to avoiding skywalk snacking.  "You get temptation all the time around here cookies, ice cream, French Fries, so before I walk, I have a salad."

And he isn't strolling.  Chris covers a lot of ground in 45 minutes and he builds in intervals by running up and down stairs.  All of this is a big change for him.  "You still live your life; you’re just living it a little differently.”  A change he knew he had to make when his size 40 pants were too tight.  "When you hear obese, it really makes you think.  When you hear morbidly obese you're like, wow, am I really that large?”  He was.

The pounds had been piling on since college.  His family inspired him to take them off.  "I wanted to be there for them.  I wanted to be healthy, for him to enjoy being around me and me being able to do what he does.  The extra stuff I can do with my son, like helping with soccer and running around the field and not feeling winded, it’s awesome."

Chris has more energy for family, for work, for life.  "Your overall attitude changes,” Chris says with a smile. “I’m a happier person."