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Public Forum, Presidential Possibilities, and The Other White Meat no More

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Good Morning
So my Mom is a regular reader of this blog…She sent me an email this morning asking me why I didn’t tell her we were going to the James Taylor Concert?….
To be fair she’s got a bit of vacation fever…she and my Dad leave for a mid-winter break later this week. She told me she’s not that focused…
No we’ve been in the infirmary at the Dix household. The only “JT” I got to listen to this weekend was my son. he was in a bad mood over an ear infection…
Will still sounds like he smoked three packs a day for the last two years…and Sally can’t sleep because her husband snores when he is stuffed up.
Let’s get to the News
Public Forum:
I’ll give the Unions credit, they’re whipping up a frenzy about this collective bargaining bill. The idea that this bill “Attacks Iowa’s Families” is absurd. It doesn’t attack Iowa families anymore than my employer was attacking my family when it raised my health premiums the last few years.
The cost of doing business as a State is largely tied up in wages and benefits. Those wages and benefits are skyrocketing. Who’s going to pay for them. And if your answer is “raise taxes”…how is that not hurting Iowa families?

Presidential Possibilities
So six potential candidates were here yesterday testing the waters in Iowa. The Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition sponsored the event. This is the first of many times we will be able to hear from these men. This being the first of many attempts at honing their message I’m interested to hear how all of them will change in the weeks and months to come.
I like Ron Paul. I may not agree with him about everything but I like him because he really doesn’t care what I think or about pandering to his audience. He just went to one of the biggest pro-life crowds in the state and said The Federal Government should have no say in whether a woman can have an abortion.

While we’re on the subject:
I was listening to an NPR interview the other day with a woman pitching her new book about the new face of feminism. It’s not the book I’m so interested in, it was what she said about Planned Parenthood. there are a lot of people who are under the impression that PP is an abortion provider. That is one thing the organization provides in some cities but Planned Parenthood is also one of the largest women’s health organizations in the country. There’s a movement to try to stop funding from flowing to PP by demonizing the organizations that give grants or donate money to PP.
I was left with a question. Wouldn’t all of the money spend on anti-abortion campaigns be better spent setting up a women’s health organization that didn’t provide abortion? Then women wouldn’t be left without access to:
Cancer screenings (breast cancer and cervical cancer to name two)
anemia testing
cholesterol screening
diabetes screening
physical exams, including for employment and sports
flu vaccines
help with quitting smoking
high blood pressure screening
tetanus vaccines
thyroid screening
These services are especially hard to come by in…wait for it…rural America. So before you believe the next flier or email you get, you might want to look into what your local PP does, where it gets it’s funding and what the consequences of NO PP would be.

Pork:I’m not Inspired
So the Pork Board is rolling out more on it’s new campaign to replace “The Other White Meat” today. I’ll be interested to hear what this new slogan is all about. For those of you who didn’t read about this Friday, Pork: Be Inspired” is the new slogan. I see the need for a new slogan and I get the idea behind this one…pork is sort of a blank slate…a vehicle for almost any taste.
We were with some friends in the PR/Advertising Business Saturday night and we all agreed this slogan wasn’t doing it for us. So, I submit for consideration my slogan that can convey the same message. Pork: The Meat for all Seasons. I see a Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall campaign where the recipes and the focus of the ads changes to show Pork’s versatility.

As I was looking for some news on this slogan change I ran across an article from the Daily Iowan where the twenty something vegetarian tries to write about how bad Pork is for Iowa.
“sales are flat-lining faster than a bacon-encrusted coronary artery” …mmm nope…it’s not the arteries that flat-line…
Oh, to be a Senior in College, so naive and such a bad writer all at the same time.

We asked who should replace Charlie Sheen now that he’s been fired from Two and a Half Men? A lot of you on Facebook said the show wouldn’t go on without him. I think you all came up with some viable candidates. Robert Downy Jr would be funny but sort of “out of the frying pan”…
I liked the Ryan Reynolds suggestion, though I think he might just be a little too “nice” for the character. I threw out Vince Vaughn. He’d never do it but he’d be hilarious!
Any way you slice it we’re all replaceable. Charlie has a short memory. there were a lot of people who said a show over on ABC wouldn’t survive a season without Michael J Fox. Spin City did OK with an actor named Charlie Sheen.

Hope you have a WINNING!!!!! Day!


  • rosorio

    I started using a Neti Pot before going to bed to alleviate my sinuses. I also started to use my pillows to sleep sideways rather than using pillows for head support. It has reduced my snoring.

  • Anthill_Goddess

    Of all the candidates that were here, Herman Cain is the one I like the best, so far. I think a Cain/West or West/Cain ticket would be a dream! LOL

    The last I looked into the PP ordeal, I thought those who wanted funding pulled were actually just after pulling the abortion option? I haven't really looked into it as closely as I probably should…I've always used an OBGYN, even as a teenager.

    I can't use nose spray, so I sure as heck can't handle the Neti Pot! LOL I've tried Breathe Right strips when I'm congested, but I wake up with them stuck to the pillow instead of my nose. If you find something that doesn't require liquid up my nose or sticky substances…let me know!

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