Tsunami thoughts, Parallel and EFR

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Good Afternoon,
Sorry about the late blog today. Too much to watch and keep up with this morning.

The News is dominated by one subject today so here are some thoughts on the quake in Japan, the tsunami and the coverage of it:
-It has to make you sad and at the same time give you full respect for the power of nature when you see video of the wall of water that destroyed so much in Japan. It’s a picture that doesn’t need a narration. I’m not sure how you could build or ever prepare for that kind of disaster.
-The information about the “waves” that were supposed to travel across the Pacific also pointed out the unpredictability of nature. I had a hard time believing that a wave could travel 3000 miles through billions of gallons of water and retain the power it showed initially. Still they put up Tsunami warnings for the entire West coast and Hawaii. It turned out the energy DID travel that far but as you’d expect, it was significantly diminished when it got there.
-My parents boarded a plane for Hawaii this morning. Great timing. I expect their vacation will look exactly like it would have had there been no earthquake in Japan.
-I thought the story exposed some weaknesses in cable news particularly. People who have no expertise in Hydrology, Seismology, Geology, and Geography trying to sound authoritative in all of those. This is what happens when you have to fill hours of airtime with one story. I actually heard one of the correspondents on CNN say, well now they’re saying this could be a two foot wave, but it could be a BAD two foot wave. ”
In this case I think we had a disconnect with what’s “significant” for people who watch this stuff all the time and…the rest of us. To a scientist, a two foot wave that traveled three thousand miles may be something you don’t see every day.
-All of that said, would you rather be evacuated as a precaution and be wrong, or have authorities leave you where you are and have a flood of water in your home?

I was watching some of the hearings in the House of Representatives yesterday and was struck by something one of the witnesses said. His nephew was recruited and turned by radical Islam. He said what was really troubling to him was the undertone in some Mosques where he lives.
I’m not quoting here, but he said there are some Muslims who feel there is US Law and then there is a higher responsibility to Islamic Law. I reminded me of a conversation I had with two people over the Issue of Same Sex Marriage. They agreed with me that denying a group of people the same right to get a government issued license was probably unconstitutional but they told me, “They believed in a higher law.”
Someone explain to me why it’s right when it’s Christianity and wrong when it’s Islam. In this country aren’t both wrong? Aren’t we obligated to follow the laws and Constitution of the United States? I’m not comparing the two issues at all, they’re apples and oranges. I’m simply pointing out the parallel in the response.

We got word about this year’s Every Family Rocks Concert. They Might be Giants…yes those Giants…will play along with Grammy Award Nominee Justin Roberts. if you have little kids, this should be a fun day! Mark your calendar May 29th from Noon-5Pm!

Have a Good Day!


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