Hawks Humbled, Tourney Letdown, Wife Returns

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Iowa’s 3-year reign as NCAA wrestling champs is just about over. The Hawks have basically been eliminated from championship contention. The only thing that could make it worse, is if Cael Sanderson’s Penn State team wins it all.

I agree with Keith’s point about moving the wrestling tournament to April. There’s absolutely no buzz when it takes place on the same weekend as the opening round of the basketball tourney. Wrestling has a tough enough problem, as it is, getting any kind of coverage.

Day one of the NCAA tournament was perhaps the most excited opening day in in history. Day two, meh. I guess I picked a good day to come back to work. Four of the first five games, Thursday, came down to the final shot. Only one, to this point, has done the same on Friday.

Is anyone else as tired of these NAPA commercials as I am? I guess you can give them credit for spending a little more money that “5 Hour Energy”.

Harrison Barnes had a fantastic NCAA tournament debut. HB tallied 24 points and 16 rebounds. If he plays like that the rest of the tourney, UNC could go a long way, and Barnes could be on his way (to the NBA).

The IceBorg drew one of the toughest assignments in Channel 13 history, today. He was stuck with the task of finding highlights from a season in which no big 4 team even came close to making the tourney. He’s been locked away in the edit bay for 8 hours, and I think his montage is up to 20 seconds long.

The wife has been gone all week — tonight, she returns. She asked me when she was on her way back if I had vacuumed while she was gone. I said yes, even though I hadn’t. It wasn’t a lie, however, because I ran home during my dinner break to sweep things up.