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Tim Pawlenty’s Changing Dialect

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Southern TPaw: I wasn’t the only one who noticed MinnesOOta’s former governor Tim Pawlenty seemed to “southern” it up during the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s event last week. Here’s his full speech from that event in Waukee. Minnesota Public Radio took it a step further. A reporter pulled words from a Pawlenty address in Minnesota last year and compared them to him saying the same words at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Iowa. It’s a fascinating idea, although I wish it included more than just one or two words at a time. In a perfect world, a sentence or two would make it a little easier to compare. But it’s interesting, nonetheless. Check it out. What do you think?

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  • Anonymous

    Maybe in the process of trying to talk louder and more “passionately,” in order to save his voice he was speaking differently? He perhaps became more nasally because in recent speeches he seems to be losing his voice so he had to adjust where the sound was coming from, which would naturally make him sound more southern.

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