Jet Down, Online Gambling and A Great Finish

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Good Morning!
Vegas is a great place to come back from on vacation. Three days and like a lot of people…I was done. More on that in a minute but first, the news:

Jet Down
The US reported one of its Jet Fighters patrolling the no-fly zone in Lybia went down this morning. It appears to be a mechanical problem. the pilot and navigator were both recovered with minor injuries. The debate over action in Lybia continues. Some local soldiers worrying this will mean more overseas deployments down the road despite the fact that the President has said he wouldn’t put American “boots on the ground”.

Going Nuclear
This morning we heard they’d connected power to all six of the reactors at the Japanese nuclear plant that’s having trouble. Theoretically, this could allow them to gain more control over the situation. Maybe it will make the wild speculation stop. Seriously, I turned on CNN and Fox while I was in Vegas and the amount of verbal flailing about this accident is irresponsible. None of us are nuclear scientists. No reporter should be coming to conclusions about what’s happening inside that plant…and when someone else does, they shouldn’t use it as an opportunity to throw a bunch of “what-ifs” out.
I was embarrassed for some of the anchors and reporters who were trying to “make sense” of this. The talk of radiation hitting the west coast and “What if this gets to our food supply” was ridiculous. Over and over the answer was…if it did it, the levels would be so insignificant, they would hardly be noticeable.

Online Gambling
A proposal is on the table to legalize poker online in Iowa. the Idea is that you’d have to go to a casino, load up an account with cash and then you could play online. The Governor sound cautious about it. Lawmakers say it’s about 11million dollars we could be collecting in taxes. We asked what you thought on our Facebook page and the answers seem to mirror a Des Moines Register Poll that says more than 2/3 of Iowans don’t want gambling online.

A Great Finish
So we had a great time in Vegas. As my Producer Lisa said, “I guess you didn’t win big cause you’re back here at work today.” I’m not sure there’s a jackpot big enough in Vegas for me to be able to quit my job.
I didn’t win big but I didn’t lose big either. that’s the beauty of playing Poker instead of slots. You have a bit more control over your losses per hour. I was the Goocher for about every team I bet in the tournament. Again i don’t bet enough to lose the Ranch but I was definitely the bad luck charm.
The good news is my friend won big. Sunday I went back to the room to clean up for dinner and he stayed and played cards. He called about an hour later and told me to pick a place to go to dinner cause he was going to treat. Great! So we went over to Mandalay Bay and ate at a place called Aureole in Mandalay Bay. If you haven’t been there, you walk into the restaurant and have to walk down stairs that wind around a huge glass case. Inside at 60,000 bottles of wine and a swing and pulley system that allows the “wine angels” as they’re known, to swing up and grab any bottle in the tower. It’s pretty cool to watch.
Chef Charlie Palmer is the owner. We decided to have their Parallel menu. You get four courses with two “parallel” servings focused around one ingredient. For instance the salad course was pineapple. We had a Maine Lobster and green papaya salad with roasted pineapple, and spicy coconut dressing, paired with North Atlantic Fluke Carpaccio, Pina Colada froth and candied Macadamia nuts. It was something I would NEVER have ordered myself but it was great.
Each parallel course came with a glass of wine. the pairings were perfect and the staff gave really good explanations of the wine and the food pairing. If you go to Vegas and want to splurge…i recommend Aureole as an experience you won’t forget.
I’ll post a couple of pictures later.
I hope you all have a great day!