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Blame Game, Playground, and Nice Comments

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Good Morning! This one is for Jeriann who sent me a message on Facebook this morning wondering why the blog wasn’t done RIGHT AFTER the show now that the computer at the desk has been rescued from the blue screen of death. The answer is all of the great Facebook feedback we’ve been getting! I was really excited to see so many of you jumping into the conversation with us it was also a lot to keep up with this morning. We’ll try to get that daily question up as early as possible so we can respond during the show. Some of you are also posting questions and pother nice comments. we really appreciate them and are grateful you include us in your morning routine. Remember to “like” us on Facebook if you haven’t already. You will be entered into a sweepstakes to win great prizes. We’re giving away an iPad today. If you already like us…thanks. All you have to do is visit our Facebook page, look on the left side of the page and click on the sweepstakes information. You enter your info every day and you will get a chance to win every day. Blame Game We were surprised to see so many people saying it was The President and Dems responsible for the impasse in Congress over the Budget. Not because we believe differently, just because it was striking how many comments went the Repubs way early. Then The Democrats chimed in around 6am and it got more even…Conclusion…Republicans are early risers. Playground We’ve been debating getting a play system in our backyard since the weather started turning. Sally and I went out shopping yesterday. Now I know some of you are going to say we could have gone to Costco or Sam’s or Menard’s or whatever for a less expensive system but we went to two retailers that deal exclusively with these play systems. We were shocked at the price. $5000 for a swing set/jungle gym? seemed like a lot. The quality was great and we feel like our kids might even get that much use out of it, but it just seemed like a lot to spend on two two year-olds. Blind Side Also went to see Leann and Sean Tuohy last night at Hoyt Sherman. What a great talk! I thought their message really hit home. If they hadn’t turned their car around and found out what was going on one cold night in Memphis, Michael Oher might be dead right now instead of a multi-millionaire playing football in the NFL. Whats more a kid that was totally forgotten in the schools turned out to be someone who made the Chancellor’s list in College. It makes a good case for giving kids all the opportunities they can to succeed. They also tried to hit home that it doesn’t take a big gesture to change someone’s life. You never know how the smallest kindness can turn someone’s day, and their life around. It’s something to think about every day. If anyone else was there I’d be interested in what you thoughts. One more thing from the talk. They opened it up for questions after about an hour of really inspirational stuff…how we treat one another…how we value each other…one person can make a difference…that kind of thing. I don’t know about anything else butIi was thinking about how to make a difference in my world. So what was the 1st question? Some guy asked what Taco Bell did with the Chihuahua they used to use for advertising!(Sean owns Taco Bell franchises in Memphis) Really? I just thought that was out of contest a little. Hope you all have a great day!


  • Anthill_Goddess

    I'm giggling wildly at “Conclusion…Republicans are early risers.”

    We went the “re-use” way with the play system for our son. One of our neighbors out here in the boonies had one of the big, wooden ones and all of his children had outgrown it. It's now at our house so our 3 year old (and the almost 12 year old, sometimes) can play on it. Total cost? Fuel to haul it from his house to ours. :) It's not new (they had 5 children!) and we had to replace some things on it, but paying less than $100 to do that far outweighs spending thousands for a new system that he'll outgrow. Not to mention, other than swinging, his favorite thing to do is run around a tree with a stick “zapping” you so it doesn't get as much use as we thought it would.

    I'm not even going to mention what I think of someone who comes up with a question about the Chihuahua from Taco Bell instead of a question/comment that might add to the discussion. :)

    Happy Friday…and be safe this weekend! Ed and Jeriann are saying nasty weather!

  • James

    On the budget showdown, I liked Bob Bixby's (with The Concord Coalition) analogy that the budget craziness is like the Three Stooges knocking their heads around over a cigar. I agree, we have a significant fiscal crisis emerging and everyone's fighting over a few billion dollars. Unbelievable.

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