JDRF Walk…Just Cure It!

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The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk to cure type 1 diabetes was a huge success Saturday. I love the picture of the little guy on his Dad’s shoulders with “Just Cure It.” on their t-shirts.

There were thousands of walkers ready to take the weight of Type 1 on their backs.

I talked with so many who had diabetes…or their children have the disease…or they had relatives and friends with type 1. Most of us at least know someone who has to check their blood sugars everyday to stay healthy.

One gentleman told me he and his wife moved to Des Moines from Philadelphia. The have a child with Juvenile Diabetes and said the Des Moines chapter of JDRF is by far more involved and energized than the Philly chapter.

Hats off to the John Deere Financial group. They are the lead cooperate Spencer this year. The goal was to get 250 walkers. On Saturday there were 700 JD walkers! Over $100K was raised from the green-hatted walkers. It was the largest group of walkers ever from one cooperation.

Type 1 diabetes affects people of all ages. Many times it is mistaken for Type 2. You are born with Type 1… Type 2 is brought on by lifestyle…and can be controlled through excessive…medication and diet.

I really believe in the research that is going on with Type 1. There will be a cure someday. Until then… thanks so much to the volunteers…the walkers and the JDRF staff. Job well done.