Spring Storms, Mailbag, and Meltdown

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Good Morning…What a weekend. We were going through the show this morning when we got in and every story was a big story that would normally lead our newscast. Kudos to our crews that hustled thier butts off this weekend to cover all of the weather and news! So lets get to it Weather We were still talking about the clean-up this morning because it’s going to take weeks if not months. It’s worth repeating how good a job out weekend crews did bringing those overnight storms to viewers Sunday Morning. I turned the TV on before Today in Iowa Sunday came on the air and I had no idea there were even tornadoes. Sally came downstairs after I’d turned the TV off. She’d been watching Today in Iowa upstairs and told me I had to turn the TV on. Great job guys! Shooting Brooke and I both have friends in Realty so we were both concerned when we heard the news about the shooting of (by all accounts) a wonderful young woman. I think it would be easy to jump to the conclusion those was someone she knew… It’s harder to wrap your brain around a random event Budget Deal So we got a deal done in the eleventh hour. Doesn’t help the longer term discussion about the national debt and that’s what we’re going to talk about this week. One thing. I’ve heard a lot of interviews where someone says it was AARP that sinks any talk of reforming Medicare Medicaid and Social Security. I hope AARP comes to the table ready to talk. I say you can’t fully address our national debt until some kind of SIGNIFICANT reform is undertaken. You watch, the people who try to talk about this will be demonized and eviscerated….but they’re the ones to listen to. That’s the only way we get this thing under control. Mailbag That lady emailed me and finally told me why she thinks we’re so far “right wing”. She says we always interview Sen Grassley and not Sen Harkin. For the record. I can’t remember a time in my 12 years that Sen Harkin has EVER offered himself up for a Satellite interview. In fact, when he does talk to local media, it’s via phone (not exactly good for TV) and he has one of his staffers controlling the phone so it’s next to impossible to have a real exchange. Sen Grassley’s office calls all the time to offer him up for an interview. He does not set the topic…he’ll talk about anything. He is also in town quite a bit and will come meet you to do an on camera interview. Getting any kind of access to Sen Harkin may actually take an act of Congress. That’s why we don’t talk to him more. Sen Harkin has a standing invitation to talk to us on Today in Iowa. Masters What a tournament! What a finish! What a charge! What a meltdown! The masters had it all. I was happy as a viewer to see Tiger play well. I said Saturday that he needed to shoot 65 to win. I would have been right. It was hard to watch Rory McElroy. However, he handled defeat with grace and composure. He showed he understands how to be a professional. That’s the lesson I would want my kids to walk away with. Weekend Disappointments Sally’s Dad was in town this weekend and we went to the Zoo. we have a membership so I didn’t pay but if I did,Ii would have been disappointed. They are trying to improve the Zoo and I applaud that. However, while they work, they could make it easier to get around. We got to the Lions and had to walk all the way around the Zoo to get to the next exhibit and see the Tigers. Disappointing. I hope you have a good day.