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Another Bad Day, Opening Day, and Bully???

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Good Morning I woke up this morning to my alarm going off and “I’m Alright” playing on the radio. Think Caddyshack…Kenny Loggins. Anyway it was a fitting start to a Friday…I’m doing the Gopher dance all day.

The News

Another Bad Day

I hope we don’t have any more weeks like this one. Two Iowa soldiers killed in Afghanistan is two too many.


I understand how it works but it’s ridiculous that The State hasn’t come up with an Education budget yet. The law should be amended to say schools have 30 days from the time the Governor signs their budget to finalize for next school year.


We’ve been saying that two of Iowa’s new Congressional Districts now encompass two incumbent Congressman and that is technically true, but I doubt there’s any way they run against each other. Lobesack will move to the news 2nd District. I’d bet tom Lathham moves too.


So Arizona passed a Birther Bill, requiring anyone to show proof they’re a US Citizen before they can be on the ballot as a Presidential Candidate. Great, all anyone in Arizona has to do is look at the 1000 reports from Hawaii and it’s officials on the authenticity of President Obama’s citizenship. Seriously, play the tape to the end people…think it through. You’re inventing a conspiracy that would have had to involve thousands of people over 50 years…AND they would have had to know the kid was going to be PRESIDENT!!!!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people who make THIS their argument why the President shouldn’t hold office…are either totally ignorant of politics or are trying to sell me something. That’s a little scary because if you actually are a serious conservative thinker…there are about 1000 policy points you should be able to have a substantive debate over. We need more Statesman, not more Salesmen….


So an Urbandale woman is a finalist to be Charlie Sheen’s Intern. No way. I wouldn’t do it. I was lucky to have an internship where I actually had a job to do. No getting coffee (thought I offered a few times and got dinner once or twice). Jeriann wanted to know if you’d intern for Sheen. The consensus seems to be No. I thought some of the other choices of who you think would be hard on an intern were interesting. Hillary Clinton…The Donald. For the record, Jeriann did not bully me into posting that question…I just thought it was good.

One last thing on Sheen. He’s doing this “comedy tour” and did a show in Canada last night. Some guy stood up at the end of the idiotic show and said, “What the (h-e-double hockey sticks) was that?” I’m sorry sir, what did you expect? You signed up to see a train wreck and you don’t like the result when you get one?


So Kevin Na is a professional golfer that made all of us weekend duffers feel a lot better yesterday. He made a 16…on ONE HOLE!

Opening Day

Cubbie Bear was nice enough to come down and advise Jeriann on her wardrobe if she’s coming down to Principal Park tonight for the I-Cubs opener. He also did the happy dance. The Bear has moves.


If you have a 2004-2006 f-150 and you are part of the recall, From Consumer Reports first notice of the action:

Ford explains that “during assembly, a specific airbag wire located in the steering wheel could have been improperly positioned so that it may chafe, expose bare copper and create the potential for a short circuit that would illuminate the warning lamp. If not serviced, and unique circumstances occur, an inadvertent driver frontal airbag deployment may occur.”

Let Them Eat Pie

Annette Hacker of Iowa State was nice enough to stop by with some pies from VEISHEA. What a great tradition. I wonder how she knew we would like those cherry pies? For the record the pies are for sale Friday and Saturday and the $1 goes to scholarships.

And Ooooppps!

The post office put out a stamp of Lady Liberty, but it’s not the real thing. It’s the statue in front of the NYNY Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! The PO is going to keep the stamp. NY is ticked off.

Have a great day!

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