Rain/Snow, Debt,and Decisions

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Good Morning!

I hope you all survive the wet cold weather…It’s a mess out there. A guy called the newsroom around 8:30 to say it was snowing just north of Jefferson. About 20 miles south of here(and really here in DSM) it’s pouring rain and you can hear the thunder all over. Stay dry.

White House trying to ramp up pressure on Republicans to cave and raise the US debt ceiling for the last couple weeks, but The administration got a little help from Standard and Poor’s when the rating agency downgraded the outlook of US debt. We’re not messing around here anymore. Play with this grenade and you could find it going off next to your foot. I say that to the myriad Presidential hopefuls who are screaming about cutting spending. I don’t disagree spending cuts need to get serious, but it’s hard to take these people seriously because they don’t seem to have a grasp of the situation as it stands today. Raising the debt ceiling over and over was a chronic problem and something Congress did without thinking about it. This…is not that.

I got to sit in on a conversation with eh EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson this morning. She visited the newsroom at the invitation of Ken Root. The Agribusiness report will have more of their conversation about farming issues and EPA regulation today at Noon.
I asked her how an agency that regulates Steel Mills in Indiana is supposed to have the flexibility and understand the specific issues farmers were dealing with where the environment is concerned? She answered well, I thought, and seemed to know her stuff.
You can tell pretty quickly when someone isn’t familiar with all of the issues they need to be and are “faking” their way through the day. She seems to have a handle on the issues facing Agriculture and an ability to articulate her Agency’s position.

Good for Harrison Barnes for staying at UNC. Good for me and the rest of the people who count themselves fans of college basketball. Watching him play will be appointment TV next fall.

For whatever reason JT decided he was scared of trucks the other day. I’m not sure why but the UPS guy pulling up in front of the house at nap time set him off and he started crying in his crib. When Lynette went up to see what was the matter JT was just repeating over and over through his sobbing, “It’s just a truck…it’s just a truck”.
He did the same thing with Sally and I the last couple nights. Now, there was no truck outside at the time and I’m not sure what set him off but Sal just walked in and asked what was wrong. When JT told her she replied…”You’re not scared of trucks buddy.” To which JT replied, “OK” and went back to sleep.
That was easy.

I left this out of the posting from Friday and Monday but I got an iPhone Friday. I am having a good time. Anyone with “must have” apps…you let me know.

Hope you have a good day.

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    Don't you just love your iPhone. I am so addicted to mine that my husband is beginning to hate it. lol

    Of course you have to get the
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    Stay dry and have a great day.

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