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Flag Fail, Distracted and Easter

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Good Morning (Happy 1,100 Morning Buzz Posts!)
I am going to go over a few things I let go on Friday because I wanted to post that explanation. We’ll get to Easter as well…I hope you all had a good weekend!

Flag Fail
We learned another Iowa Solider died in Afghanistan. That makes three in about three weeks and almost a dozen wounded. We’ve been talking about the sacrifice our families were going to have to make but until now we’ve been talking about superficial things like time apart from families. Not that the time is unimportant but I think compared to this, ultimate sacrifice…it’s just a different perspective.

I use that as a springboard to talk about the number of businesses that failed to lower their flags to half staff! I’m talking about national chains here. I noticed two right near each other a restaurant and then a gas station.

Kudos on flying a flag…that’s great, but shouldn’t someone have the time to go out and lower it to half staff? I don’t know why but this one bothers me a lot. We have 3,000+ men and women from Iowa in harms way right now and people in this state should be focused on news from Afghanistan.

As I go to fill up my gas tank this morning I just can’t believe someone at the oil companies hasn’t grasped the idea that they could make a TON of PR headway this week. As you’re out reporting a 59% increase in your profits from last year, why not do something to give your customers a little back. A rewards program…if you bring in your receipt from your last fill up we’ll give you five percent off this one…something like that. If you are going to tell me you are making Billions of dollars and we’re all struggling to fill up…wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to at least appear as if you understand?

The Iowa GOP appears ready to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Five Lawmakers filed articles of impeachment for the four remaining Justices on the Iowa Supreme Court that were a part of the Same Sex Marriage ruling.

I talked to a guy who’s pretty connected in the GOP here in Iowa and asked him…when are the people who are rolling their eyes at this stuff going to take back the Republican Party. Everyone, no matter how moderate is going to get this hung around their necks. A lot of Republicans say they don’t dare speak up because they’ll be labeled ant-morals, anti-values, anti-family whatever…

SO there’s a study showing some of us are MORE distracted than others behind the wheel. Some of us c an multi-task…and are dangerous behind the wheel. Some of us can not multi-task and are REALLY dangerous behind the wheel. I’ll be keeping the iPhone on the console.

A conversation in the Newsroom just caught my ear and reminded me to start telling our viewers. We are going to air our normal broadcast Friday morning during the Royal wedding. We will be airing the royal wedding coverage on 13.2. So the only place you wouldn’t be able to get that signal is Direct TV…but you should be able to get the signal if you like. I suspect, however, that if you are watching Direct TV and want to see the wedding, there will be a few other places airing…just a bit….of the coverage.

We had an interesting story about the power of Social Media this morning. American Airlines has a full time Tweet-master to respond to customer concerns. So I am going to try to jump back into the world of Twitter. I’m still not sure I understand and I still am not sure I have a clear idea in my head of what is, and what isn’t important enough to Tweet. But we’ll give it another try. For the record I am @PatrickWDix. I would love a few more followers.
Also that reminds me the panel I am speaking on is this week. For those who didn’t see, I was asked to talk about our blog, why we write it and how it has helped/challenged our product in the morning.
Anyone who’s come to this conversation lately may not have had the chance to respond, but if you would like to, shoot me an email and let me know what you like or dislike about the blog. I will use some of that feedback to help me form my thoughts for this panel discussion.
And thanks for all your comments lately.


After a great Pancake and bacon breakfast we started the boys on a very easy hunt for Easter baskets. Sally put them out on the table on our patio…thankfully it was “just” warm enough to sit out their while the boys went through and looked at their new puzzles and toy cars and trains…
Noontime Update: My sister Katie was very disappointed to find she was not included in the blog this morning as she came a long way to visit this weekend. She did, and that was my bad. We had a lovely weekend.
My omission was nothing more than an effort to be done blogging…I was falling asleep writing the last part. So, I can only say…I blame the cat.

We spent the evening with our friends the Groves and the Eckermans. Lynette (Groves) takes care of the boys (and Sally and I) during the week. Their neighbors came over for an Easter egg “hunt” in the backyard. The food was great and the boys had a lot of fun.

Back home to watch the end of the Blackhawks game and it was a good Easter weekend!

I hope you all had a good one too.

Have a good day



  • sageidea

    I'm right there with you on our flag, a significant symbol of our freedom, which also reminds us that many have fought under that flag, carried it through battles, and given the ultimate sacrifice~ that of giving their lives, to protect ours.

    Please, pay attention to what is going on around you, to the order given by our Governor, and lower the flag to half-staff when asked to do so. It is the greatest sign of respect we can pay as Iowans.

    Ellen Schumaker
    Marine Mom

  • Anthill_Goddess

    Actually, I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one incredibly irritated by some flags not being lowered. In fact, the only one I saw lowered here in the town where I live was at the courthouse. Not a single other was lowered. I was disappointed, mostly sad, and like I said…irritated.

    I'll go find you on twitter to add to your followers…but I'm terrible about being over there much! LOL

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